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A Word from Jason Scott about WEB.TEXTFILES.COM

Files about Computers, their Operation and Programming, Hardware and Software.
Files that people have built about tearing other things down. Almost always a joke, and sometimes unintentionally.
An extraordinary amount of text representing hundreds of people across hundreds of issues. The continuation of the zine tradition to the present day.
Files dealing with winning, beating, cheating at, and programming games. More recent files deal with the fascinating world of emulation and simulation.
Files about making Technology do things that it wasn't quite intended to do.
Files that appear to be humorous. Intentionally, or unintentionally. Parodies, rants, essays, jokes, satire.
The ever-widening learing and experimentation with telecommunications and communication. Now wireless, handheld, and satellite-based. Also, Red Boxes.
Files about the law, the government, and the reaction to technology and the issues surrounding the present day.
Not the programs themselves, but the very interesting documentation and support literature that has accompanied it.
The fascinating study of the self-generating, self-sustaining parasitical program and the theories of programming it inspires.