Electronic Magazines: The ABUSER

This half-coded half-text zine basically drops a pile of messages and rants on your desk and has you try to decipher and find relevance in it by deadline. Of course, you can't, because it's had no effort put into it to be easy to read or use, but they keep throwing it out at you anyway. Dies a quiet, needed death.

Description of the Textfile
absp01.txt 46066
The Abuser, Issue #1
abuse105.txt 29638
The Abuser Volume 1, Issue 5 (October 8, 1995)
abuse206.txt 47824
The Abuser Volume 2, Issue 6
abuse208.txt 36589
The Abuser Volume 2, Issue 8
abuse209.txt 37066
The Abuser Volume 2 Issue 9
abuse210.txt 62472
The Abuser Volume 2 Issue 10
abuser.asc 1255
Who Reads the Abuser? (Advertisement)
abuser2.asc 1439
Tag File for the Abuser Collection
cafbl.asc 1743
Tag File for Computer Abuse Force for Better Living
cafbl.nfo 2724
Computer Abuse Force Stall Listing
cafbl2.asc 656
Tag File for the Computer Abuse Force
survey.txt 662
Survey for Abuser Readers

There are 12 files for a total of 268,134 bytes.