Electronic Magazines: Secret Church Of The God Of B0rk

"The Church of B0rk is a secret organization built around the mystical sacred txt's of the ancient religion of the God of B0rk. If you have found this site by accident; you should leave now. If you have been invited or led here by a) spirits, b) coincidence or c) a hyperlink, welcome to enlightenment! The student of B0rk should study the txt's below in great detail; know them, feel them, apply meaning where there is none - for this is the true path to salvation. Phear the God of B0rk, oh indeed, but phear the Random Windows Fearie more for she is awesomely vengeful in her wrath."

Description of the Textfile
00_the-god-of-b0rk_he-is-a-very-fine-god.txt 629
01_first-book-of-the-god-of-b0rk.txt 273
02_second-book-of-the-god-of-b0rk.txt 520
03_third-book-of-the-god-of-b0rk.txt 407
04_forth-book-of-the-god-of-b0rk.txt 231
05_fifth-book-of-the-god-of-b0rk.txt 615
06_sixth-book-of-the-god-of-b0rk.txt 388
07_seventh-book-of-the-god-of-b0rk.txt 301
08_eighth-book-of-the-god-of-b0rk.txt 141
09_ninth-book-of-the-god-of-b0rk.txt 266
10_tenth-book-of-the-god-of-b0rk.txt 405
11_eleventh-book-of-the-god-of-b0rk.txt 447
12_twelth-book-of-the-god-of-b0rk.txt 355
13_thirteenth-book-of-the-god-of-b0rk.txt 68
14_fourteenth-book-of-the-god-of-b0rk.txt 444
15_fifteenth-book-of-the-god-of-b0rk.txt 652
16_sixtenth-book-of-the-god-of-b0rk.txt 335
17_sevententh-book-of-the-god-of-b0rk.txt 166

There are 18 files for a total of 6,643 bytes.