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Ad hoc arsenal

Written by: the paranoid maniac^W^Weditor

Look around you. Most objects can be used to defend your life and property. When walking around you should always be checking the location of stuff that is usable as a weapon. This article will be concerned with improvised and homemade weapons.

Let's clarify that, though. I won't list all the objects that can be used for whacking people, the list would be endless. Rather, I will list non-obvious things (some may be obvious to our more nefarious readers).

  1. Aerosol deodorant
  2. Keys
  3. Belt (use it as a whip or a knuckle duster)
  4. Steel-toed boots
  5. Keys+bootlace
  6. Golf clubs
  7. Grocery bags
  8. Bicycle (swing it like a madman)
  9. Squirt gun (ammonia, hot sauce)
  10. Sharpened coins
  11. Coins+cloth+palm
  12. Walking stick/cane
  13. Maglite
  14. Newspaper (roll it up first... duh)
  15. Sock+stuff (lead, soap, gravel, salt, coins, pebblec etc)
  16. Bicycle/lock chain (swing it or use as a knuckle duster)
  17. Pencil
  18. Ash tray
  19. Coat
  20. Your drink
  21. Cassette/CD/DVD cases
  22. Umbrella
  23. Cup of coffee
  24. Circular containers of "snus" (found in Sweden)
  25. Fire extinguisher
  26. Car antenna

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