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So, you wanna blow your hand off? (The retard's guide to blowing shit up, volume 1: Permagranate and Sugar)

Written by: Enigma

Editor's note: for educational purposes ONLY!

This is probably the easiest explosive to make. You can literally walk to the store, buy what you need, and have it made in 10 minutes. Here's what you need:

  1. A package of patassium permagranate (a purple powder), you can find it in most drug stores. If you need a reason why you're buying it, it's a disinfectant.
  2. A bag of sugar (a white crystalline powder), if you don't know where to get this then stop I mean it, just save us all the aggrevation and die right now.

Ok, now that you have your materials, we can start making something of them. Each of these chemicals are safe separately, they only become dangerous when you mix them together. The kind of explosive formed is a "Low Explosive" similar to black powder (gunpowder). In order to prepare it, do this:

  1. This step isn't essential, but it'll make the mixture more efficient and stronger. If you do it, grind them SEPARATLY, or you could blow the fuck out of yourself. Use a rolling pin (or someting similar) to grind each of the ingredients as fine as you can.
  2. Throughly mix them together, even parts of each. Do this gently, so you don't hurt yourself. And don't be a nimrod and do it in a metal container or near a flame.

Bingo, you're ready to go. You can use it just like gunpowder. It will conflagrate (burn, retard...look it up) on contact with a flame, or you can pack it into something and blow it with a fuse.

"A fuse? How the hell do I make a fuse?" you say? Well, that's for another issue. You're just gonna have to calm your impatient ass down and get rid of that boner from making explosives. Go take care of it for god's sake...jeeze...

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