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Nerd Girl in a Slut World

Written by: Elisabeth


Ever wonder what it's like to be a girl? Ever want to just pretend like you have boobs, pull on a short skirt and make out with a boy?

Maybe you want to cake on some lipstick, mascara, and blush. Or maybe you want to put on that extra bronze look that is obviously fake.

Yeah, right. All you really want to do is get into a girl's mind just to know exactly what the bitch is thinking.

A Morning in the Dorm

First of all, nobody wants to wake up early. But hell, this is amplified when a room mate wakes up 2 or 3 hours early to cake on her makeup. She slams all of her drawers shut, and sprays the room full of a sickening smell.

When I wake up, I just throw some clothes on, part my hair, shove books in the bag and leave. No freaking makeup. It's all going to come off anyways. Sure I hate those zits. That's why you medicate them, pop them, or ignore them. Too little time to do anything about them. Too much work. Makeup irritates my eyes, and it's too fake. I use a minimal amount on special occasions.

Envy and How to Tell Smart from Dumb

It's obvious when people are smacking their gum in class like cows chewing cud. They also sit there and talk about irrelevant topics in class. You see the girls wearing their short skirts in class and low- cut tight-fitting shirts. That is the start of envy. Dumb girls don't have to be asked out, they just get laid.

The fakeness on the outside means that they can be really bitchy on the inside if you get onto their bad side. You want to avoid these people because they gossip and drink a lot. They have more boys fucking them than they need.

Dumb people go to all these parties on the weekend, but they are so broke that they ask you for beer money. They are so dumb that they come knocking to your door because you are "smart". I've lent my notes and tests to people that are dumb. Have I gotten them back? No. Oh well, they were easy classes anyways.

Oh yes, geek girls get laid, we just don't flaunt it in real life like dumb girls do. A clit is a wonderful thing.


Hobbies of a straight geek girl: Daytime naps (consisting of at least 1 hour and 30 minutes), Web page design, blogging, masturbation, sex, checking email, and surfing the web for interesting news articles.

Hobbies of a Dumbass: Sex (bi and very promiscuous), pot, smoking cigarettes, orgies, gossip, loud and trashy music, screaming about stupid things, and binging.

Happiness and Unhappiness

Of course, I am happier like I am now. I don't wear a manufactured look and don't act bitchy just because it's my period or someone gave me the wrong look. I am happy just knowing these girls have to go to me because they are too stupid to do things on their own.

Of course, I am unhappy with my body. I'm a runt. Listen, I've got an A sized bra, almost a B. But theirs are always so much nicer than mine. I feel like fat is in the wrong places. I guess that won't last long though, because I am growing. It just proves that nothing lasts.

The only thing that makes me feel behind the dumb people is my looks and the lack of people asking me out. I guess people just like dumb girls because they are easy. Then again, maybe I'm just seeing the dumb boys. It takes one to know one. But in the case of the dumb girl, it takes one dumb girl to know many dumb boys. I'm sure someone here has an STD by now.

In this world, there are only two types of girls: smart or pretty. Plenty of people have told me that I am going to grow up to be a rich girl because I am smart. Maybe it is better that way.

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