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Somebody do Something: About Schools

By Zaw

This is part I of the 'Somebody do Something' series I will be writing. The purpose of these writings is to serve notice of things perceived as normal everyday common events, that are in reality major incidents that affect the course of history. If you are reading this seeking solutions, I apologize in advance. You will find no solutions here. I am of the opinion that the chance for solutions is long past. You will only find my conclusions and reasoning for the way things currently are.

What you think matters very little. Your opinions were carefully formed for you through a system that you are most likely unaware of. You cannot resist that which you don't know exists. The first step towards change is recognizing the fact that there is something that needs to be changed. Most go through life believing that they have many choices to make. This is indeed the case, but what most people do not understand is that the parameters and preferences of those choices were carefully laid out beforehand.

My writing style tends to be eclectic, as it reflects the way that I think. My main purpose is to get people to think of things that they possibly hadn't considered in the past. I am not on a mission to convert people to a particular religion or type of political view. Take my thoughts for what they are, thoughts. If you care to hear my viewpoints, please continue. Maybe you want to take the first step towards understanding something. I can tell you that once you start down the path of truly understanding things, you will not be able to go back to the way you previously thought.

Throughout this series I will be referring to 'the State'. The State is a polite totalitarian organization that runs the country in which I live, The United State of America. I will detail this in another issue, suffice to say that I no longer believe that the government is in the hands of the people. It is out of our hands, well beyond our reach, out of touch.

Part I. About Schools

If I were to point out any of the major battles that were lost during the Revolutionary War of the States (also known as the Civil War --ed.), the concession of education would certainly be at the top of the list. They've even come up with a nice, soothing name for it, 'Public School'. Ah, how relaxing. The public, my community, is educating my children. Certainly they wouldn't have any wrongdoing in mind for my children. I have another name for it, 'Government Brainwashing Concentration Camps'.

It is insanity to give up your children to the State to be educated. Unfortunately most people don't even recognize this as being a problem. In fact, quite the opposite is true. If you home school they want to know why you don't mindlessly hand your children over to the State for proper education. What is wrong with you, didn't you know that all good parents give their children to the State?

Let me start by making a statement: The objective of the State is to create docile, complacent, uneducated subjects that unquestioningly abide by the laws it creates.

If you were to give your child to a Catholic school, you would expect him or her to be indoctrinated with Catholic values and ideals. While it may not be apparent in each and every class and lesson that the child is given, the overall... theme, shall we say, is that of a Catholic mindset. Why would you think that a State school would be any different?

I do not doubt that most of the teachers in State schools have good intentions. They care about children and want them to achieve goals in life to the best of their abilities. The problem is that most of these teachers do not recognize that they've made choices in life that were controlled.

People want to be part of a team. I do not believe that this is due to instinct, but rather due to the way people are trained to think from the start of their lives. When you are put into school, you are put into a class, determined primarily by your age. This class is often times segmented into teams to work on projects. You are taught that you are part of a class, and there are subclasses within the main class, and that your classes were part of a whole, the school. The school was in turn part of the school district, which you were a part of.

You see, from the beginning, you are taught hierarchy and authority. You recite (or at least hear) the pledge of allegiance to the State each and every day. You are taught conformity, with uniqueness and individuality suppressed. You are well on your way to being a good little subject of the State.

After several years of being indoctrinated with hierarchy, authority and allegiance to the State, you become exposed to egalitarian beliefs. You read about how badly you have treated blacks. You are taught that everyone is equal. The drug addict who is begging for change on the street corner is just like you. You are shown short movies about equality and how everyone is the same on the inside. Don't judge a book by its cover.

The fact that you are taught these ideals, and then live in a society that makes laws contradicting these ideals is a great hypocrisy which I will deal with in another issue. Such as 'hate laws' whereby you are punished more severely if the victim is a racial or minority, among other things.

After you've sufficiently conformed to their regimen of thought, you are faced with some more choices. You can continue your education in a college, where the elite products of the State have been molded into educating you further. You could get a job and learn a trade, joining the proletarian pool. Or you could work for the State as a member of the armed forces. Again, these are the preferences and parameters that are pushed upon you.

Do you think that the State is going to recommend, say, joining a hippie commune and living off the land? Or perhaps they would suggest that you take a shot at entrepreneurship, deciding to work for yourself and make it on your own without their assistance? No, you will never hear these recommendations from the State. Remember, the State pushes for dependencies not individuality and independence.

Another major part of the process is to make games and entertainment for the subjects. If the subjects are well fed, complacent, uneducated and entertained, there is little chance that they will ever revolt or stand up to the State. There is a reason that the Star Spangled Banner is sung before every major sports event. Nobody ever questions it. They already know it is fair and good and right to pay tribute to the State before engaging in any entertainment activities.

Praise is due before every such event, for if it were not for the State, you would never have such things. Just another way to remind us that the only reason we are able to be entertained is because of the State. We might live in cages, but they're very nicely decorated.

Until next time, please... Somebody do Something!

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