Electronic Magazines: Fuxin' Eleet Haxor

Sharing the unpleasant mid-90's trend of using bad spelling on purpose, FEH changes its name with every issue, but does manage to throw in some good information with each of the 4 issues that ultimately came out. The third issue proudly proclaims how much better they are for appearing past two issues. A good solid read, if intentionally afronting.

The introduction to the series is a good overview:

"Too many people that are in the 'scene' today seem to do nothing but hoarde things. Send me this, gimme this seems to be the prevailing attitude of the day. If you are going to get on the net and try to hoarde anything, make it knowledge. Spend your time learning instead of trying to get toolz out of people and figuring out who the newest irc chick is. Sometimes that means talking to people on irc, but most of the time that means getting out there and doing it yourself. Its fine if you want to do the whole social scene of hacking or phreaking or warez or ansi, they are all different but in essence, they are all about entertainment on IRC. But at the heart of them is a common goal, why which ultimately people are judged. Which of these groups have the purest goals? To have all the warez? To make the coolest ansi or demo? To setup a conf? No, its knowledge. And that's why we are fuxin' eleet hackers. And that is our ideal. Now, you may see us on #hack 24 hours a day, but trust me, we idle a lot, and despite the fact that we may be active in the 'social scene' of hacking, it is what we are doing in another window while the irc screen scrolls that makes us fuxin' eleet, not what we do on IRC."

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Fuxin' Eleet Haxor Issue #1: July 1st, 1995
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Friendly Elite Hackers Issue #2: September 24th, 1995
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Feeling Eleet Hackers Issue #3: November 9th, 1995
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Fashionable Elegant Hackers Issue #4: December 26th, 1995
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