Go Null Yourself

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Go Null Yourself E-Zine Issue #1: Introduction, Conversational Hypnosis, RTLO Spoofing, Alternate Data Streams, Derandomizing Perl's RNG, Trojaning OpenSSH, Story of a Raid, Programming Challenge, ConfCon 2010 CFP, 907-887-88xx Scan, Et Cetera, Etc. (July 2010)
gonullyourself2.txt 154863
Go Null Yourself E-Zine Issue #2: Introduction, Feedback + Edits, DoSing Phone Lines with Asterisk, duper's Code Corner, Test Numbers, Practical DLL Hijacking, Numbers Stations FOIA Request, Exploring Tieline Networks, Modem Numbers, Linux Full-Disk Encryption With TC, Programming Challenge, Hotel Pennsylvania's PBX, Interview with Adrian Lamo, Et Cetera, Etc. (October 2010)
gonullyourself3.txt 147201
Go Null Yourself E-Zine Issue #3: Introduction, Feedback + Edits, duper's Code Corner, HP Hash Cracking with MapReduce, Numbers Stations FOIA, Port Knocking Primer, 205-380 Deltacom Scan, Abusing phpBB's Tell-A-Friend, New Security Features in HTML5, Decoding Trillian Password Files, So You've Got a Dialtone..., Programming Challenge, Et Cetera, Etc. (January 2011)
gonullyourself4.txt 148239
Go Null Yourself E-zine Issue #4: Introduction, Feedback + Edits, Lattice-Based Cryptography, duper's Code Corner, The Tech Behind Credit Cards, Brief Notes on Kiosk Hacking, Linux Rootkit Dev Update, MapReduce, Part 2, Cameras + DVRs Scan, 303-833-00xx Scan, bit.ly Shenanigans, Programming Challenge, The Scoop on LIGATT, Et Cetera, Etc. (April 2011)
gonullyourself5.txt 162358
Go Null Yourself E-Zine Issue #5: Introduction, Feedback + Edits, Public-Key Encryption and RSA, Iridium Satellite Network, An Introduction to x86 NASM, Art of Crypto: Tips and Tricks, Hacking 15A Announcements, Gawker Passwords Analysis, 360-928-00xx Scan, Terminal Servicez br0, ProjectMF - An Overview, Et Cetera, Etc. (Summer/July 2011)
gonullyourself6.txt 181506
Go Null Yourself E-Zine Issue #6: Introduction, Editorials, Floating Point Numbers Suck, duper's Code Corner, How Skynet Works: An Intro to Neural Networks, Defeating NX/DEP With return-to-libc and ROP, A New Kind of Google Mining, Stupid Shell Tricks, An Introduction to Number Theory, Information Security Careers Cheatsheet, Interview with Dan Rosenberg (bliss), Et Cetera, Etc. (Winter 2011)

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