Key Pulse (2001)

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
1800214.txt 4466
SCAN: 1-800-282-XXXX by Cuebiz
1800218.txt 3942
SCAN: 1-800-218-21XX by Jamie Faith
1800291.txt 2672
SCAN: 1-800-291-11XX by Slut139
1800297.txt 5412
SCAN: 1-800-297-XXXX (July 31st, 2000)
180030.txt 5688
SCAN: 1-800-323-30XX by Jamie Faith
1800300.txt 3963
SCAN: 1-800-300-81XX by Jamie Faith
1800323.txt 5498
SCAN: 1-800-323-29XX by Jamie Faith
1800326.txt 4401
SCAN: 1-800-326-XXXX by Cuebiz Trinity Three (June 12, 2000)
1800362.txt 4957
SCAN: 1-800-362-45XX by Cuebiz/Jamie Faith
1800382.txt 4248
SCAN: 1-800-382-49XX by Jamie Faith
1800388.txt 4019
SCAN: 1-800-388-28XX by Jamie Faith
1800390.txt 4004
SCAN: 1-800-390-43XX by Jamie Faith
1800430.txt 4970
SCAN: 1-800-430-37XX (The Air-Touch Scan) by Cuebiz
1800450.txt 5666
SCAN: 1-800-450-XXXX by Cuebiz
1800528.txt 3955
SCAN: 1-800-552-XXXX by Jamie Faith (July 20th, 2000)
1800555.txt 1827
SCAN: 1-800-555-60XX by Kandy Acid
1800613.txt 5835
SCAN: 1-800-613-XXXX and 1-800-715-XXXX by Jamie Faith
1800670.txt 2898
SCAN: 1-800-260-31XX and 1-800-670-31XX by Jamie Faith
1800696.txt 3310
SCAN: 1-800-696-15XX by Jamie Faith
1800725.txt 3529
SCAN: 1-800-725-35XX by Jamie Faith
1800726.txt 21572
SCAN: 1-800-726-XXXX by Jamie Faith (August 3, 2000)
1800729.txt 4015
SCAN: 1-800-729-42XX by Jamie Faith
180073.txt 3903
SCAN: 1-800-739-61XX by Jamie Faith
1800737.txt 3951
SCAN: 1-800-737-32XX (The OOR Scan) by Jamie Faith
1800739.txt 2552
SCAN: 1-800-739-60XX by Jamie Faith
180077.txt 5141
SCAN: 1-800-737-60XX by Jamie Faith
1800780.txt 2720
SCAN: 1-8--780-21XX by Kandy Acid
1800789.txt 3991
SCAN: 1-800-789-47XX by Jamie Faith
1800800.txt 4759
SCAN: 1-800-800-XXXX by Kandy Acid
180081.txt 2299
SCAN: 1-800-739-81XX by Kandy Acid
1800820.txt 4890
SCAN: 1-800-820-67XX by Jamie Faith
1800952.txt 4796
SCAN: 1-800-952-80XX by Jamie Faith
1800953.txt 4558
SCAN: 1-800-953-73XX by Jamie Faith
1800959.txt 4845
SCAN: 1-800-959-98XX by Jamie Faith
1800973.txt 3354
SCAN: 1-800-973-40XX by Jamie Faith
1800978.txt 4883
SCAN: 1-800-978-32XX (The Weird Scan) by Jamie Faith
1888656.txt 6412
SCAN: 1-888-656-12XX by Subex
88825381xx.txt 32376
SCAN: 1-888-253-81XX to 1-888-253-85XX by Cuebiz (September 2, 2001)
irc_adventures.txt 76314
Kandy Acid's IRC Adventures #1
keypulse60.txt 5099
Key Pulse Issue #60: Breaking ht eUnicorn C4 Line by Cuebiz (June 10, 2001)
keypulse61.txt 8472
Key Pulse Issue #61: The Imitation Operator from Hell by Cuebiz (June 30th, 2001)
keypulse64.txt 13846
Key Pulse Issue #64: My FBI Experience by Cuebiz
keypulse_02.txt 11136
The Lamer's Guide to Hacking Your Library's Dynix System by Cuebiz Trinity Three
keypulse_09.txt 3208
Key Pulse Issue #9: The Long Awaited Cuebiz's Lost Carrier #'s by Cuebiz
keypulse_20.txt 7324
Key Pulse Issue #20: The Secret Payphone by Cuebiz
keypulse_26.txt 4559
Key Pulse Issue #26: The Secluded Pay Phone Adventures - Night Five by Subex
keypulse_36.txt 1792
Key Pulse Issue #36: Cue's Extender/PBX Wats # List
keypulse_52.txt 6617
Key Pulse Issue #52: BananaComm Logs by Cuebiz
keypulse_59.txt 4624
Key Pulse Issue #59: The Secluded Payphone Adventure by Cuebiz (March 3, 2001)
marital_matters.txt 49720
Snickers Bars: The Marital Matters LP by Key Pulse and Cuebiz (2001)
phonebook.txt 48307
The Amazing Key Pulse Phonebook of Numbers
revolt1_dostrick.txt 6541
Stupid MS-DOS Tricks #931
revolt2_webtv.txt 34370
The Story of the WebTV Hackers

There are 53 files for a total of 488,206 bytes.