Next Dawn Comics: Crusade

From SOLJO publishing comes this hybrid written web comic. The description from their site:

CRUSADE: Follow the journey of our unlikely hero, 'Steve', as he comes to terms with his own amazing abilities... and ultimately his own equally amazing destiny; set against the backdrop of a mysterious higher power's agenda and a feeling of impending disaster 'Crusade' is a dark story of one mans struggle against something he can never fully understand.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
chickensoup-ndc-crusade-01-part1-intothelight.txt 11891
Crusade: Into the Light (2004)
chickensoup-ndc-crusade-01-part2-thewrestler.txt 13566
Crusade: The Wrestler (2004)
chickensoup-ndc-crusade-01-part3-son-rise.txt 10119
Crusade: Son-Rise (2004)
chickensoup-ndc-crusade-01-part4-yoshimi.txt 8411
Crusade: Yoshimi (2004)
chickensoup-ndc-crusade-01-part5-apprehension.txt 7553
Crusade: Apprehension (2004)
chickensoup-ndc-crusade-01-part6-armageddon.txt 10155
Crusade: Armageddon (2004)
chickensoup-ndc-crusade-01-part7-theworstoftimes.txt 7866
Crusade: The Worst of Times (2004)
chickensoup-ndc-crusade-01-part8-homeland.txt 5862
Crusade: Homeland (2004)
chickensoup-ndc-crusade-01-part9-abrighterfuture.txt 8331
Crusade: A Brighter Future
crusade-season-01.jpg 67422
Cover of Next Dawn Comics: Crusade: Season One

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