Sex With Sheep (Unknown)

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
art1.sws 5101
Social Opression, by Kurdtis
art2.sws 1455
Religion, by Mr. Self Destruct
art3.sws 3306
Micro Snoop, by Lock Jaw, the Ultimate Gamer
art4.sws 1552
Ode to Valentines Day, by La Vaca
art5.sws 1872
The Olympics, by La Vaca
art6.sws 1672
Mind, by Kurdtis
art7.sws 2490
My Sneakers, by Kurdtis
art8.sws 3466
An AOLer's Diary, by Unknown
art9.sws 4078
The First Part of a Continuing Short Story, by Lock Jaw
intro.sws 2815
Welcome to the First Issue of Sex with Sheep, by Kurdis 6648
The Official Loser Application Form
poem1.sws 595
Black Roses: A Poem, by Lock Jaw
poem10.sws 517
Dliverance: A Poem, by Lock Jaw
poem2.sws 829
Lights: A Poem, by Lock Jaw
poem3.sws 259
Uninspired: A Poem, by Lock Jaw
poem4.sws 983
The Mad Dude: A Poem, by Dungeon Msster
poem5.sws 184
Guts: A Poem, by Dungeon Master
poem6.sws 399
Honey: A Poem, by Dungeon Master
poem7.sws 289
School: A Poem, by Kurdtis
poem8.sws 2439
The Ants: A Poem, by Shayde
poem9.sws 753
Caffiene: A Poem, by La Vaca
rev1.sws 3053
A Review of the Iniquity Software by Cirrus
rev2.sws 4102
Review of Warcraft II by Lock Jaw
rev3.sws 2444
Review of the First Issue of Sex With Sheep, by Big Johnson
rev4.sws 1212
Review of Mr. Bungle: Disco Volante by La Vaca
rev5.sws 1476
Review of the Self-Destruction BBS by Big Johnson
rev6.sws 1621
Review of the Gemeni II BBS by Big Johnson
rev7.sws 1349
Review of the Coruscant BBS by Big Johnson
rev8.sws 1463
Review of the Brain Freeze BBS by Big Johnson

There are 29 files for a total of 58,422 bytes.