COMPUTERS Once the province of people associated with learning more about computers, the term "hacking" has been pretty much decimated as any sort of helpful label. If a person is "hacking", they could be working with computer hardware, breaking into some insecure web site, or creating an absolutely fantastic piece of software. The meaning is left up in the air, and in the case of this directory, simply means any files written by people that try and bring clarity or insight into technology.

The term is now completely politicized, and not recommended as a job description or project goal. However, it just can't shake the romantic mythos behind it, so we can expect a lot of "hacking" to keep happening, as long as computers are around.

Description of the Textfile
bozomacr.txt 16417
Word Macro Viruses by B0Z0
bvgen.txt 7573
DOCUMENTATION: WaveFunc's Goofy Batch Virus Generator (October, 1995)
bw.txt 6794
DOCUMENTATION: The Biological Warfare Virus Creation Kit Version 0.90 by MnemoniX (1994)
chaos-ad.nfo 3861
NFO: The Chaos-AD Virus by Sepultura (1995)
chaos.nfo 3677
Knights Chaos Original Release: The Viral Collector's Kit #1 (February 4, 1995)
cicidumb.txt 168483
LOG: Run-in with a Stupid IRCop of Undernet (September 8, 2000)
collectn.nfo 1031
NFO: The Trident Virus Collection (May, 1995)
cybermag.txt 7272
Cyber-Magazine Issue #1 (Articles about Microsoft Word Macro Viruses)
dcmemlst.txt 2342
MEMBER LIST: Dark Conspiracy Productions (April, 1996)
dcvirlst.txt 4925
NFO: The Yitzhak-Rabin Virus by Tornado of DC (January 10, 1996)
de'buger.txt 4366
DOCUMENTATION: The DE'BUGER Virus (January, 1995)
dftunnel.txt 22860
DOCUMENTATION: Single Stepping Tunnel Techniques Part 1 by Dark Fiber of NuKE (August 21, 1995)
dmvword.txt 22607
Document Macro Viruses: Yes, You Can Spread a Virus With a Data File, by Joel McNamara (1995)
drkfib02.txt 8658
The Birth and Fall of the AIH by Dark Viber (April, 1995)
enciii.txt 8649
An introduction to Encryption, Part III: Is An Impenetrable Encryption Possible? by Midnyte (February, 2000)
evol-1.txt 2982
DOCUMENTATION: EVOL-1 - Polymorphic Encryption Module by MnemoniX - v1.00 (1995)
f-manzon.txt 3774
DOCUMENTATION: F-MANZON: A Program to Destroy the MANZON Virus (1995)
faster.txt 15427
Faster Spreading, or What to Include In Your Virus to Make it Spread More Effective, by SnakeByte
ideas.txt 9580
A Few Ideas for Viruses, by Kalkin of EViL (2001)
introduc.txt 5387
Introducing Windows 95, by Quantum of VLAD (1995)
macro.txt 32785
The Underground MS-Word 6.x Macro Viruses FAQ v1.0 by Aurodreph, The Drow
macro001.txt 11731
SR News: The Macro Viruses: COncepts That Are Spreading in the Wild
macro002.txt 6456
Normal Data Defense Systems Addresses (1995)
macro003.txt 5283
Revolutionary Multi-Platform Virus Attacks Word 6 Users World-Wide from S&S International, Inc (August 23, 1995)
macro004.txt 2481
The Computer Virus That Infects WinWord Documents by Eugene V. Kaspersky (August 24, 1995)
macro005.txt 4691
MS Word Macro Virus - Real, but Don't Freak Out! by Paul Ducklin, Sophos, Plc (August 24, 1995)
macro006.txt 3588
More on the WinWord.Concept WordBasic Macro Virus by Paul Ducklin, Sophos, Plc (August 25, 1995)
macro007.txt 2378
Winword-Nuclear - Another Word Macro Virus by Paul Ducklin, Sophos, Plc (September 14, 1995)
macro008.txt 18719
Microsoft Word Document Macro Viruses (March 5, 1996)
macro009.txt 13314
Dr. Solomon's Technical Note on Word Macro Viruses (1995)
macro010.txt 17934
Tegwar: The Exciting Game Without Any Rules or Computer Virus Funny Business With Winword Documents
macro011.txt 87425
The MS Word 6.x Macro Viruses FAQ Version 2.0 from Alt.Comp.Virus by Richard John Martin (March 8, 1996)
mactut.txt 6876
The Macro Virus Writing Tutorial Part 1 by Dark Night of VBB (1996)
mactut2.txt 6181
The Macro Virus Writing Tutorial Part 2 by Dark Night of VBB (1997)
memres.tut 58063
Back Wolf's Guide to Memory Resident Viruses
microsoft.txt 1612
How to Become the World's Richest Man, by MidNyte (June, 1999)
nomercy.001 12220
Art on Macro Virii by FOX's NoMercy
realvxer.txt 9634
The Real Virus Writer's Guide Version 1.0 by Burnin' of UNKNOWN prez (April 3rd, 2001)
retro.txt 4734
Retro, the Easy Way by MidNyte (February, 2000)
stealth.txt 3112
Stealth in Word 97, by Talon of The Eifel Epidemic
tipz&trickz.txt 19225
Some Tips and Tricks for Windows 2000
toolbox.txt 5385
The Beginner Virus Writer's Toolbox by Kalkin of EViL (2001)
vlfaq200.txt 162026
Frequently Asked Questions on Virus-L/comp.virus Release 2.00 (October 9, 1995)
vwguide.txt 194302
The Billy Belceb Virus Writing Guide v1.0 by Billy Belceb
w32.infinite.txt 36009
WIN32.Infinite Virus by Billy Belcebu/iKX (July 17, 2000)
w95.yildiz.txt 15204
WIN95.Yildiz by Black Jack
w9x.matrix.txt 71253
W9X.Matrix.Size by Lifewire
win.tenta2.txt 74113
WIN.Tentacle II by Black Jack (1996)

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