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A nice way to wake up in the morning

Written by: that dude who just works here

Some people have trouble waking up in the morning, here's a quick way to fix that.

Create the script in your home directory:


echo "Starting up"

mpg123 /path/to/nice/music/* &

for (( i = 1; i <= 100; i++ )) do
    echo "Setting volume at $i"
    setmixer vol $i
    echo "Sleeping 10 seconds..."
    sleep 10s

Add the following to your crontab:

 0 11 * * * /home/foobar/ 

Of course, you might want to get up before 11 am.

If you have trouble finding some nice wake-up music I recommend Enya, it's great for this purpose. I experimented with heavy metal music at first, thinking that I needed hard music to get me up, but I found that I would just leap out of bed, turn off the speakers and crawl back. A gentle awakening works much better.

If you wanna be really clever, you could add a snooze function to this, so that you can just slam your hand down on a keyboard lying next to your bed and it will stop for 10 minutes, then restart the whole process.

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