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Jagged Alliance 2 quiz explained

Written by: your eminent editor-in-chief

I was playing Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire (which is the ultra-hard version of vanilla JA2) a lot a couple of weeks ago. I needed precise control over my IMP char so it annoyed me that I couldn't figure out what all the quiz questions gave you. I mean, it's funny a few times, then you just wanna know what the hell those questions mean... JA2 has the best inventory system I've seen in an RPG, a shame it doesn't have the best character creation system.

Anyway, after some looking around on the Net I found the JA2 source code and started looking around. I found the function responsible for generating your IMP char and started looking thru it (it was basically one big switch statement).

Note that personalities and attitudes don't do jack shit in the game, I am just including them for the sake of being a retarded pedant.

1 Martial Arts (trait) if male, Ambidextrous (trait) if female Loner (attitude) Hand to Hand (trait) Lockpicking (trait) Throwing (trait) Optimist (attitude)    
2 Teaching (trait) Stealthy (trait) Psycho (personality) Friendly (attitude)        
3 Lockpicking (trait) Arrogant (attitude) Stealthy (trait) Normal (attitude)        
4 Automatic Weapons (trait) Friendly (attitude) Normal (attitude) Asshole (attitude) Loner (attitude)      
5 Coward (attitude) none Aggressive (attitude) none        
6 Coward (attitude) Night Ops (trait) Claustrophobic (personality) none none      
7 Electronics (trait) Knifing (trait) Night Ops (trait) none        
8 Ambidextrous (trait) none Optimist (attitude) Psycho (personality)        
9 Forgetful (personality) none Pessimist (attitude) Nervous (personality)        
10 none Pessimist (attitude) Asshole (attitude) Nervous (personality)        
11 none Teaching (trait) Aggressive (attitude) Normal (attitude) ??? (Not in source code)      
12 Martial Arts (trait) if male, Ambidextrous (trait) if female Knifing (trait) none Automatic Weapons (trait) Hand to Hand (trait) Electronics (trait) none none
13 Forgetful (personality) Normal (attitude) Normal (attitude) Heat Intolerant (personality)        
14 Claustrophobic (personality) Normal (attitude) Heat Intolerant (personality) none        
15 Throwing (trait) Ambidextrous (trait) Arrogant (attitude) none        
16 none none none none        

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