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War, what is it good for? Something society gains nothing from.

Written by: some ex-Special Forces soldier

Today I stumbled across a friend on IRC and he asked me to write a little article. Although I want to keep things private, I must keep my article this way given I am under the Official Secrets Act.

Well to be clear, I was never afraid of anything and beat up bullies at school, really I stood up for the unfortunate ones. I am no "President Bush" as he is just a political bully surrounded by a deceitful cabinet.

Yes, a little about me, I am a warrior, I had a childhood from hell, we were very poor. I was fostered by a woman that had been a "War Baby", having gone through the 1st and 2nd World War and lost her own son during the war, so she brought me up as her own.

My father depended on my foster mother, to raise me as a child since my real mother dumped me and my sister when I was 3 years old and she was 5 years old.

Well over time I was taught respect by my foster mother and she really did beat the shit out of me at times. Looking back I cried hard, but she taught me well.

I was always taught to stand up and fight. It was then only natural to go into the Marines, anything less was stupidity *giggle*. Why go for anything less? I spent 3 years there before being considered for SAS.

I went to Sandhurst and got ready for the preparation test, went to the naffi to get some supplies and was ready for what I thought was something I could pass easily after the debrief.

Oh my god please never again, this training made marine training look like a walk in the park. I have never gone through such a soul destroying task in my life.

Wanting to die and trust me, people do on the SAS training. Doing unarmed combat and point to point with 112lb in your Bergen is a killer as you do 40 miles within 24 hours then have to do escape and capture to survive for 7 days.

Really it is evil, you are given a knife and a very basic survival kit, map, compass etc and at this stage it really is enough to bring a grown man to the ground in tears. Really it is mentally destroying.

One of the hardest parts of the training has to be avoiding capture for 7 days; if you get caught you will suffer interrogation for the full week in which you are hooded and deprived of sleep and be played high and low pitch sound frequencies to try and make you break including holding "stress positions" for hours on end.

Most people never make it that far.

Next is the real thing: Iraq in 1990. We had AK-47's and M16's which locked up because of the oil that was used in them attracted the desert sand and jammed when firing.

We went in on a mission called Eagle3Nine which was the predecessor to Bravo2Zero. There was a debrief and we were dropped outside the Iraqi border with a pinky.

We then waited and went in. We then came under serious fire and mortar attacks, the 7.62mm gun on the pinky was being fired like hell and we let off a stinger over the back of Dave and floored the air warning defense system. We then laid down fire from our four man team and threw some phosphorous grenades. They are not normal grenades; these ones just fry you to death with white hot metal.

Overall we killed over 120 Iraqi people. At that time I felt very sad as I shot someone from 100 yards away and blew his brain out that just splattered the other side of his head.

When I got back to the UK I became very depressed. I thought all the killing was senseless as we gained nothing.

My other missions have not been as high profile but my last one was scarey. This is where we had to apply the "Killing House Training".

This was very scarey, going into Fallujah and taking out the people that beheaded Nick Berg.

We took out 5 people, but I cannot be sure that the mission was a success as more beheadings occurred since then.

Even though I am very good with computers and combat I can honestly say these few words:

You cannot expect to drop bombs on another country without expecting retaliation.

America got away lightly with 9/11 and really people throughout the world are now sick of hearing about terror. IMHO if you treat people well you never need fear terror.

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