F4ITH Magazine (1999-2000)

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
1800.txt 2472
A 1-800 Scan by Force 007
252.txt 12261
A Scan of O8OO 252 XXX by Shadow-X
2600-uk.txt 2492
Faithless: A Little Discussion about F4ith on an IRC Channel
3way.txt 5374
Free 3-Way Calling by Downtime of Darkcyde Communications
5ess-y2k.txt 7459
AT&T 5ESS-2OOO Switching Technology by D4rkcyde (1999)
895.txt 5767
895xxx Hand Scan by Z0mba (April/May 1999)
899.txt 21017
UK Hand Scan of o8oo 899 xxx by Force (November 1998)
917.txt 3278
US Hand Scan by Downtime: 1-800-917-10xx (February 1999)
919.txt 12477
UK Scan of 0800-919 by Force
973.txt 11251
UK Scan of 0800-973-XXX by Force
acron1.txt 9223
Telco Acronyms Part I: A-E, by Downtime
acts.txt 21566
The World of the Advanced Communications Technology Satellite: ACTS, Operations and Structure, by Lowtek
asm.txt 10212
Assembly Language Programming and Virii by Bodie
audix.txt 3895
DarkCyde Communications: Audix Voice Mail Boxes by Hybrid (May, 1997)
bug.txt 15065
Remote Information Interception Over The International PSTN: A Very Brief Overview of Remote Telecommunications "Spying" by Hybrid of F4ith
cd.txt 6217
Country Direct Numbers, by Force
cli.txt 4780
A Quick Introduction/List of USwest Tandems and CLLI Code by Lowtek/Uplink
common.txt 8297
The Overview of Common Exploits, by Bodie
darkcyde.nfo 4350
Members of D4rkcyde/Faith 1996-Present (1999)
dc-faq.txt 3643
The Darkcyde Communications FAQ (1999)
dc-newsletter01.txt 13343
The D4rkcyde Communications Newsletters (How to join D4rkcyde)
dc_btpag.txt 5107
D4RKCYDE Communications: BT EasyReach Pagers by Hybrid, SinTax and Extreem (May, 1998)
dc_delig.txt 14747
Darkcyde: Hybrid's Cut and Paste Delights
dc_ionic.txt 5533
DarkCyde: I0nica Services, by Hybrid (July, 1997)
dc_iresc.txt 2987
DarkCyde Communications: Irish 1800 Country Direct Scan by Firestart
dc_line.txt 17513
Darkcyde Communications: An Introduction to Lines, Losses and Noise by Hybrid (June, 1996)
dc_sysad.txt 2796
DarkCYDE Communications: A Map of System Admin Boxes on Voice Mail Systems by Hybrid (July, 1996)
dc_ukbeg.txt 18655
The Beginner's Freefone Phreaking in the UK by uV and Senor Cardini (1998)
dclogo.txt 1092
D4rkcyde Logo in ASCII
ddsn.txt 36781
The DDSN Intelligent Network: A Full Rundown of our LinkLine (0800) and LoCall (0345) Services by Keltic Phr0st
e911.txt 22331
Wireless Enhanced 9-1-1 Service- Architecture and Future by Digiphreq (May 8, 1999)
edata.txt 25417
Electronic Data Communication by Z0mba of D4rkcyde
el8.txt 4533
How to Be 31337 by Force
ess.txt 2899
A Brief Introduction to ESS by Downtime
faith01.txt 117771
F4ITH Issue #1 by D4RKCYDE (December, 1998)
faith02.txt 101937
F4ITH Issue #2 by D4RKCYDE (March, 1999)
faith03.txt 145523
F4ITH Issue #3 by D4RKCYDE (April, 1999)
faith04.txt 190843
F4ITH Issue #4 by D4RKCYDE (May, 1999)
faith05.txt 170203
F4ITH Issue #5 by D4RKCYDE (June, 1999)
faith06.txt 64919
F4ITH Issue #6 by D4RKCYDE (June, 1999)
faith07.txt 201158
F4ITH Issue #7 by D4RKCYDE (July, 1999)
faith08.txt 368986
F4ITH Issue #8 by D4RKCYDE (July, 1999)
faith09.txt 148831
F4ITH Issue #9 by D4RKCYDE (August, 1999)
faith10.txt 220369
F4ITH Issue #10 by D4RKCYDE (October, 1999)
faith11.txt 231290
F4ITH Issue #11 by D4RKCYDE (December, 1999)
faith12.txt 83070
F4ITH Issue #12 by D4RKCYDE (February, 2000)
faith13.txt 178226
F41TH Magazine Issue #13 (June, 2000)
faith14.txt 119089
F41TH Magazine Issue #14 (May, 2001)
file_id.diz 630
NFO: F4ITH Magazine
linux.txt 10498
Linux: How to Get it Working by Bodie
linuxs.txt 26150
Linux System Security, by Z0mba (1999)
meridian.txt 44769
Meridian Mail I: Advanced Administration Specs, and a Guide for the Phreak and System Administrators (April, 1999)
morescns.txt 6324
0800 Scans by Force
neon_sca.txt 22550
A Neon Scan of 0800
netpro.txt 43271
Network Programming by z0mba
netsig.txt 6336
Signalling Between your Phone and the Network, by Shadow-X
packet.txt 14481
Packet Radio by JaSuN
perl.txt 17500
Perl Programming, by Z0mba
sat.txt 16332
Satellite Communications: Systems and Networks by Lowtek
sauid2.txt 31731
SUIDcyde #2 by Bodie
scans.txt 19036
UK Scans of 0800 Stuff, by Force
ss7pro.txt 5472
SS7 Network Components, by Digiphreq
suid1.txt 18314
SUIDcyde by Brodie
tacs.txt 18140
SystemX Test Access Connection: Customer Line Testing on Digital Exchanges, by Hybrid
telebot.txt 6272
Information on Telebot services by Downtime (May 26, 1999)
tones.txt 12125
BT Tons and Announcements by Force
ukcar.txt 3861
UK Carrier Scan by Force
virii.txt 19179
Computer Virii by JaSuN

There are 68 files for a total of 3,030,016 bytes.