PORK Zine (1995-1996)

Trip writes in "p0rk was a joint effort by myself and Misfit. we ran the group Apathy, which later merged with iCE. We both had lots of friends in the zine scene (Mogel of DTO/h0e, Creed of y0lk/dto/hoe, Edicus of jonas, etc), and misfit started it. I was a contributor at first, and eventually wrote 6-7 issues myself. It wasn't a whole lot, compared to the # of releases of, say, dto, h0e, or cdc.. but we had our fun."

"i found 2 excerpts i wrote, from which i would like to be remembered:"

Ya know, there are some ppl in the the scene that are old enough to be dads. If RadMan ever has kids , will he be cruel enough to raise his kid into the scene? If so, will he make his son/daughter be Radboy/Radgirl? Scary indeed. Just think, getting into Acid because of your heredity. " Everyone say hi to ACiD's newest, up and coming artist, RadMan's 7 year old son, Radboy! " - from #3

the entire time we were eating that turkey, all i could think about was picking up that carving knife, and stabbing you in the head. have a nice day. - from #11

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Tag File for AlderAAN BBS
ch-pork.ans 3109
ANSI Logo for PORK Magazine from Misfit
p0rk_001.txt 20446
P0RK Issue #1 (October 16, 1995)
p0rk_002.txt 6216
P0RK Issue #2 (October 30, 1995)
p0rk_003.txt 7014
P0RK Issue #3 (October 30, 1995)
p0rk_004.txt 7369
P0RK Issue #4 (November 17, 1995)
p0rk_005.txt 7033
P0RK Issue #5 (November 17, 1995)
p0rk_006.txt 8611
P0RK Issue #6 (November 19, 1995)
p0rk_007.txt 10504
P0RK Issue #7 (December 9, 1995)
p0rk_008.txt 12488
P0RK Issue #8 (December 24, 1995)
p0rk_009.txt 8987
P0RK Issue #9 (December 30, 1995)
p0rk_011.txt 6685
P0RK Issue #11 (Unknown)
p0rk_015.txt 17235
P0RK Issue #15 (August 1996)

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