COMPUTERS The need of people to express power by writing about how much they could destroy has continued to present day. However, with more information than ever available to the serious researcher, files seem more and more professional than ever before. But make no mistake; the same caveats and warnings of previous generations are the same: don't believe everything you read, and don't try to blow things up based on what you read.

Description of the Textfile
CAPTAINHACKThe Captain Hack Collection of Destructive Files
000.txt 3149
Vortex's Cookbook Verison 2.84 (July 11, 1996)
101facts.txt 45298
Whites and Blacks: 100 Facts (And One Lie) by Reverend White (Racist Screed)
10things.txt 12404
10 Things Every Parent, Teenager and Teacher Should Know about Marijuana (August 1, 1996)
22bomb.txt 1605
A .22 Riot Bomb by Captain Hack (March 18, 1995)
22kill.txt 4724
22 Ways to Kill a Man with your Bare Hands, by Big Bad Barbarian
9vfis.txt 3036
Having Fun in School, by Hell's Angel (June 14, 1996)
anarchy! 488544
The New Compleat Terrorist
anarchy2.txt 10374
The Anarchy Files Volume II "Petty Anarchy" by Night Crawler
anarchy3.txt 13078
The Anarchy Files Volume III by Night Crawler (January 25, 1986)
balloon.txt 488
The Hindenberg Bomb by HaDeZxKRaM
blowgun.txt 1560
Making a Blowgun by HaDeZxKRaM
body.txt 2529
how to Kill Your Friends, by The Iron Glove and Arthur Dent (1987)
bombbook1.txt 57710
the How to Make Bombs Book #1 From Wang (February 8, 1995)
bombbook2.txt 64633
How to Make Bombs Book #2 by Wang (February 4, 1995)
bookbomz.txt 3112
Making a Book Bomb by HaDeZxKRaM
bulbomb.txt 1724
The Bulb Bomb by Hell's Angel (June 17, 1996)
caltrops.txt 3399
Creating Caltrops
cannon.txt 3197
Cannon by Hell's Angel (June 17, 1996)
cardinglate90s.txt 53216
Credit Card Fraud in the Late 1990's Version 1.0 by Massood (December 1997)
cars.txt 1072
How to Steal Any Cars Made Easy, by LeeTKuRp (1999)
cookbookt.txt 2566
The Anarchist Cookbook's Truth! By Zero (March 19, 2002)
dustbomb.txt 2207
Dust Bomb Instructions by HaDeZxKRaM
eharristext.txt 9609
Making Pipe Bombs, by Eric Harris (2002)
fertlizr.txt 395
How to Make a Fertilizer Bomb by HaDeZxKRaM
firebomb2.txt 524
Firebombs by HaDeZxKRaM
fuseignt.txt 505
Fuse Ignition Bomb from HaDeZxKRaM
hitman.txt 179096
Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors, by Atomic Snake
kinkoshack.txt 10419
Burning Kinkos: How to Work on a Kinko's Graphic Design Workstation and Not Pay a Red Cent, by oleBuzzard (February 2, 1996)
loomp_ca 56842
A Catalog of Titles Published by Loompanics (November, 1995)
matchead.txt 470
Match Head Bomb from HaDeZxKRaM
nic.txt 3452
Nicotine Poison by Captain Hack (July 10, 1996)
paintbom.txt 683
Paint BOmbs by HaDeZxKRaM
pellet.txt 2372
New Pellet Uses by Captain Hack (February 4, 1995)
pranksterz.txt 24677
The Pranksterz Cookbook Version 5.8 by Professor Taxi Tennmeg (2001)
prankyourschool.txt 10136
How to Prank Your School in 2017 Without Getting Caught by 3ris (December, 2017)
prick-fakeid.txt 5838
PRICK: How to Get Yourself Hooked Up with a Fake ID in NSW, Australia (December, 1995)
ptechcolor.txt 1025
Pyrotechnical Colors, by Zero (March 8, 2002)
pvcpipe.txt 2730
PVC Pipe Bomb by Captain Hack (July 9, 1996)
radiobomb.txt 1377
The Radio Bomb, by Acidous (October 11, 2002)
sihandbook.txt 14197
The Stupid Ideas Handbook, Formerly the Little Book of Bad Ideas by Professor Taxi Tennmeg Version 7.1 (2001)
smokbomb.txt 3446
Smoke Bombs Version 4.14 by HaDeZxKRaM
smokebom.txt 445
Smoke Bombs by HaDeZxKRaM
sociopath 8980
Confessions of a Teenage Sociopath by Nemo
succgang.txt 10212
How to Start a Successful Gang, by GTA (2001)
sulplas.txt 3398
Sulpher Plastic by Captain Hack (February 24, 1996)
tah.txt 125734
The Avenger's Handbook by Pal d. Ekran (October 11, 1999)
tennisbl.txt 474
Making a Tennis Bomb Ball by HaDeZxKRaM
touch.txt 870
Touch Explosives by HaDeZxKRaM
undrwatr.txt 1247
Underwater Igniters by HaDeZxKRaM
unstable.txt 248
Unstable Explosives by HaDeZxKRaM
whenyourbored.txt 1568
10 Things to Do When You're Bored by CoW Tipping Inc. (1998)

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