Electronic Magazines: K-RAD E-ZINE

Ever on the pursuit for eliteness and the ever elusive "Zero Day Warez", the K-RAD Elite Zine hammered home the need to live the Zero Day Lifestyle and be k00l beyond k00l. Assuming the joke works for you, it handles itself well through eighteen issues and makes you chuckle on at least several occasions. Consistently itself. All hail zero day!

Thanks to the Mud Shark for giving me the pristine, unmodified/edited/formatted version of the K-Rad E-zine collection, including the last two issues that I didn't have.

Description of the Textfile
krad001.txt 4104
KRAD #1: Elite-O Neeto Zine!
krad002.txt 6159
KRAD #2: Why Warez are Really K00l!
krad003.txt 6805
KRAD #3: Elitest in Denver
krad004.txt 12183
KRAD #4: K00lio Krib Notes
krad005.ans 4190
KRAD Issue #5 ANSI Logo
krad005.txt 11121
KRAD #5: For Those Who Can Dress For Eliteness And Get Zero Day Chicks
krad006.txt 12710
KRAD #6: Woah!
krad007.txt 12733
KRAD #7: Fewls!
krad008.txt 3430
KRAD #8: KEwlio!
krad009.txt 10188
KRAD #9: Kidz Will Be Kidz
krad010.txt 13473
KRAD #10: Pretty Please With Cyanide on Top!
krad011.txt 11408
Krad Issue #11: The Best of the Best of the Best Elite in Denver
krad012.txt 13629
KRAD #12: Why is Krad So Elite?
krad013.txt 31745
KRAD #13: Better Than Before
krad014.txt 15468
KRAD #14: The Art of 0-Day Living
krad015.ans 7596
ANSI Logo for K-RAD Issue #15
krad015.txt 15881
KRAD #15: Brought to You in Surround ASCII
krad016.txt 18351
KRAD #16: The Revolution
krad017.txt 15844
KRAD #17: Elitest E-Zine in Denver
krad018.txt 10537
KRAD #18: This Be the Raddest Issue 18 Ever

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