COMPUTERS Once the province of people associated with learning more about computers, the term "hacking" has been pretty much decimated as any sort of helpful label. If a person is "hacking", they could be working with computer hardware, breaking into some insecure web site, or creating an absolutely fantastic piece of software. The meaning is left up in the air, and in the case of this directory, simply means any files written by people that try and bring clarity or insight into technology.

The term is now completely politicized, and not recommended as a job description or project goal. However, it just can't shake the romantic mythos behind it, so we can expect a lot of "hacking" to keep happening, as long as computers are around.

Description of the Textfile
BULECTURESThe Binary Universe Lectures
TISThe Telco Inside File Collection
10kmnkysnweb.txt 2824
10,000 Monkeys and a Webpage, by Izik
451.txt 7606
451: An ezine with to little time to make a good header.
50atta_1.txt 8795
50 Attacks on Netscape
abuseglibcinit.txt 12905
Abusing .CTORS and .DTORS for Fun n' Profit, by Izik (July, 2005)
abuseglibcinit.txt.1 12905
Abusing .CTORS and .DTORS for fun 'n profit by Izyk (2006)
act-13.txt 63155
The Amateur Crackist Tutorial Version 1.3 by Specular Vision
addyourself.txt 2414
How to Add Yourself To Your Own ICQ Contact List (1998)
admin.txt 24566
DNS ID Hacking Presentation by WooWoo!
advisory.txt 10926
L0pht Security Advisory of L0phtcrack (April 10, 1997)
advisory001.txt 6200
Security Advisory: Insecure Encryption in PassWD v1.2 (June 4th, 2000)
agentsteal-fbi.txt 66631
Everything a Hacker Needs to Know About Getting Busted by the Feds, by Agent Steal (1997)
agentsteal.txt 67818
Everything a Hacker Needs to Know About Getting Busted by the Feds, by Agent Steal (1997)
aixforpo.txt 5368
A AIX 4.1 Exploit by Georgi Guninski
alt-2600-hack-faq.txt 253183
The Alt.2600.Hack FAQ
alt.2600.faq.txt 237126
The Alt.2600/#Hack FAQ by The Hawk Version 4.0
alt2600.txt 247708
THe ALT.2600/#Hack FAQ Beta Revision .013 by Voyager
alt2600sur.faq 6187
The Alt.2600 Survival Guide, by Voyager and Will Spencer (February 12, 1995)
anony.txt 8309
Keeping your Essential Information Limited
anti-bo.txt 6972
The Anti-Back Orifice Information Version 0.1.2
aol_aim.txt 3491
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Protocol Information and Password Decoder by James@Foo.Org
aolstaff.txt 2227
How to Steal AOL Staff Access by E~
apache11.txt 10147
ADVISORY: Vulnerabilities in the Apache httpd by Secure Networks, Inc. (January 12, 1997)
asm.txt 13673
School Me In ASM! By Ralph (January 23, 2000)
asmtut.txt 16651
XLogic's Assembly KeyGen Tutorial, by Pablo Carboni (July 26, 1995)
babelddos.txt 17312
Babel: A DDoS of Biblical Proportions by Floydman (August 10th, 2000)
backdoor.txt 19156
Finding a Back Door in UNIX
backdoors.txt 19623
An Overview of Computer Backdoors, by Christopher Klaus (August 4, 1997)
bashhowto.txt 84198
The Bash Prompt HOWTO by Giles Orr v0.76 (December, 1999)
basicbios.txt 3879
The Basics of the BIOS by Manic Velocity (December 7, 2001)
basihack.txt 12788
An Introduction to Hacking, by Seditious (July 15, 2000)
batch.txt 41867
Batch File Programming, by Ankit Fadia
begin-guide.txt 48489
A Beginner's Guide to Hacking, by Phantom
beginguide.txt 48493
A Beginner's Guide to Hacking (Collection of Exploit Code) by the Phantom, 1998 (Linux-Centric)
beginners.txt 48493
A Beginner's Guide to Hacking, by Phantom
beingkiddie.txt 8298
Script Kiddies: How to Be One, and Be Loathed by Your Peers, by Grifter of 2600slc (June 1, 2001)
berkly42.txt 13869
Understanding the Workings of the Berkeley 4.2 UNIX System by The War
biglanfaq.txt 85823
FAQ: BIG-LAN Frequently Asked Questions (July 24, 1995)
bind96.txt 6328
ADVISORY: Vulnerability in Unchecked DNS Data, by Secure Networks, Inc. (November 18, 1996)
bo.txt 15184
Cult of the Dead Cow Presents: The Back Orifice Remote Administration System v1.20 (July 30, 1998)
boot.txt 15488
The Boot Sector, by Ralph of AWC Version 1.0 (July 31, 2000)
bore.nfo 3229
Information File for BoRE Magazine (1995)
breach1.txt 12362
Security Breach Issue #1 Volume 1 (January, 1998)
breach2.txt 18149
Security Breach Issue #2 Volume 1 (February/March 1998)
breach3.txt 17990
Security Breach Issue #3 Volume 1 (Summer, 1998)
browserhack.txt 6006
Hacking from your Web Browser, by Modify of Technophoria
buffer.txt 31980
An Introduction to Buffer Overflows, by Ghost_Rider
bufferow.txt 25453
How to Write Buffer Overflows, by Mudge of the L0pht (October 20, 1995)
c-tr-79-91.txt 365780
C Technical Report 79-91: Integrity in Automated Information Systems from the National Computer Security Center (NCSC)
c0dez.txt 64077
Confessions of a Codez Kid, by Dark Sorcerer (February 20, 2001)
c4n-eco.txt 8930
CRACK: Ecco 4.01 32-bit by Drian (1997)
c4n-rex.txt 5195
CRACK: Enterprise REXX (WinREXX) by Drian (1997)
c4n-wf3.txt 11696
CRACK: W3Filer(32) Version 1.1.13 by Drian (1997)
c4n_dnet.txt 15149
CRACK: Notepad by CoRN2 (March 28, 1998)
cablehijack.txt 2132
Cable Modem IP Hijacking in Win95/98, by Wildman (1999)
casl.txt 65688
Custom Attack Simulation Language (CASL) by Network Associates, Inc. (October 1998)
censor.txt 12324
Radio Shack's Abuse of Intellectual Property Laws, by Dr. Who (June 4, 1996)
cert_ip_spoof.txt 12060
CERT Advisory: IP Spoofing Attacks and Hijacked Terminal Connections (January 23, 1995)
cifs.txt 118143
CIFS: Common Insecurities Fail Scrutiny by *Hobbit* of Avian Research (January, 1997)
cmeasures.txt 13907
Countermeasures, by Thomas Icom
cops_dan_farmer.txt 36020
COPS And Robbers: Unix System Security
countermeasures.txt 13911
Countermeasures, by Thomas Icom
cover-your-tracks-large.txt 37438
How to Cover Your Tracks, by van Hauser / THC
cracker.txt 37658
Techniques Adopted by "System Crackers" when Attempting to Break Into Corporate or Sensitive Private Networks, by Front-Line Information Security Team (Fist) December 1998
cron96.txt 10467
ADVISORY: Vulnerabilities in Default Cron Jobs by Secure Networks, Inc. (December 23, 1996)
cryple~1.txt 21337
Razzia's Tutorial for Crypled Programs (Cracking Tutorial)
cryptoghist.txt 22237
A History of Cryptography, by SigningiS (December 2, 2001)
ctn-hw.txt 4523
The Cybernetic Techno Ninjas Guide to Hacking Web Servers (February 16, 1999)
dc3-2.txt 15498
Initial Invitation to DEF CON III Update #1.80 (June 20, 1995)
dc_is.txt 1668
DOCUMENTATION: The Damaged Cybernetics Internet Services Pack by Royce
dd_01_01.txt 14526
How to Make a Serial-to-TCP Adapter for Vintage Computers by D!99y Dud3 (2018)
dd_01_02.txt 7297
A Change in Venue, by D!99y Dud3 (2018)
dd_01_03.txt 5319
They Know, Shut It Down! by D!99y Dud3 (2018)
dd_01_04.txt 6694
Some THoughts on BBS Software Design by D!99y Dud3 (2018)
dd_01_05.txt 6645
Back to the Future, or Phun With DOS by D!99y Dud3 (2018)
dead_cow.txt 33901
BBC Panorama: Interview with Deth Veggie and Sir Dystic of Cult of the Dead Cow
denial.txt 45856
An Introduction to Denial of Service, by Hans Husman (October 28, 1996)
deployment.txt 38362
Software Deployment that Makes Sense by Floydman (September 21st, 2000)
dhcp-faq.txt 44440
FAQ: DHCP, by John Wobus (March 28, 1996)
digitalvoodoo22.txt 338697
Digital Voodoo: The Craft of Hacking on the Internet Release 2.2 by Kurruppt2k (1999)
digivoodoo.txt 338697
Digital Voodoo: The Craft of Hacking on the Internet Release 2.2 by Kurruppt2k (1999)
dosart.txt 4728
My Theory of Denial of Service by Fejed
dostrick.txt 3883
REAL Hidden Directories: DOS Trick, by kM and Mr. Disco (March 25, 1997)
dskfac-c.txt 27001
CRACK: DiskFactory/32 v2.10 by Drlan (October 17, 1997)
dsniff.txt 15105
DSNIFF: Use and Abuse, by Oshu (February 1, 2002)
dumpster_diving.txt 15978
Dumpster Diving: One Man's Trash... by Grifter of 2600slc (April 5, 2002)
dvd_ripping.txt 13333
DVD Ripping: The Right Way, by A (March 1, 2002)
dvorak.txt 5330
Non-Diffusion of the Dvorak Keyboard, by Bored of the Pantyhackers (November 6, 2001)
eaccess.txt 60408
Accessing the Internet by E-Mail by Doctor Bob Rankin, Sixth Edition (March, 1997)
ebook.txt 29500
Institute for Biblio-Immunology -- First Communique: Identifying and Removing Verso/BooXtream 'Social DRM' EPUB eBook Watermarks (2016)
echelon.txt 14774
ECHELON: A Threat to Our Liberties and Violations of Our Rights Version 1.0 by HOOL (October, 1998)
es-3810.txt 13104
Fun with the ES-3810 (An ATM) by Optiklenz of the Legions of the Undergound
etc.txt 10330
Common Files of the /etc Directory and Their Uses by Digital Fallout Version 1.0 (July 12, 2001)
etherfaq.txt 33589
The Ethernet FAQ (January 5, 1993)
evolution.txt 5961
Evolution: Rain Forest Puppy Leaves Security, by Rain Forest Puppy (May, 2003)
expwlnxgateso1.txt 10718
Exploiting with by Izik (2006)
fakemail.faq 7230
The Fake Mail FAQ by Rourke McNamara Version 0.2 (March 9, 1995) 2928
How to Send Fake Mail by Cody (November 28, 1997)
fakemail.txt 1613
How to Send Fakemail, by Doc Rain
faq-014.txt 265847
FAQ: ALT.2600 FAQ Revision .014 (January 7, 1996)
faq.txt 44027
FAQ: Psychotic's FAQ Of Hacking by Virtual Circuit and Psychotic
fedwatch.txt 3817
Fed Watch! By Hacker Surpreme
fedzinfo.txt 2810
FEDZ: A Short Little Shpiel by Aufheben Publications
findholes.txt 16373
The Four Ways the Security Holes Manifest Themselves (October 11, 1993)
firehand.txt 9635
CRACK: Firehand Ember by the Intruder of Mexelite (1997)
firewall.faq 47032
FAQ: Internet Firewalls by Marcus J. Ranum (January 7, 1996)
footprinting.txt 12229
Footprinting and the Basics of Hacking, by Manic Velocity (February 1, 2002)
fovchack.txt 3898
Hacking the FVOC
frag.txt 4590
ADVISORY: Packet Fragmentation Attacks by Dr. Frederick B. Cohen
freebsds.txt 12807
ADVISORY: Unauthorized Access Via Buffer Overrun in Talkd (January 18, 1997)
freecashcall.txt 3898
Get Cash from the Phone Company for Free from ChronicK of the Essence of Darkness
ftp-ddos.txt 2328
A File Transfer Protocol Advisory by Fejed
ftp-paper.txt 5648
Some Problems with the File Transfer Protocol, a Failure of Common Implementations, and Suggestions for Repair, by David Sacerdote (April 1996)
ftpbounc.txt 10230
The FTP Bounce Attack by Hobbit (July 12, 1995)
ftpbounce.txt 10579
The FTP Bounce Attack, by Hobbit (July 12, 1995)
fun10.txt 170241
The 2600 Hacker Guide Version 1 by Voyager
fun11.txt 9950
Some Background on XOO by Xoo
fun2.txt 8211
How to FUQ with AOL by Xoo
fun21.txt 7712
XOO's Manifesto, by Xoo
fun22.txt 5284
The Feds Bust Xoo
fun3.txt 5952
Ways to Fuq Ma Bell, by Xoo
fun30.txt 48110
The DOD Internet Host Table, by TAP MAgazine
fun4.txt 11163
Xoo's Code of Conduct in a Public/Private Place by Xoo
fun7.txt 1801
Security Features on the New $100 Bill by Xoo
gcs.txt 8069
Government Computer Security Techniques by The Line Breaker
getadmin2.txt 2263
CR4 Program Information by Costin RAIU
getinfo.txt 27911
Information Gathering On Anyone by Redboxchilipepper (February 12, 1995)
globlkos.nfo 3025
NFO: Global KOS (1996)
hackbeg.txt 42924
The Novice's Guide to Hacking: 1989 Edition by The Mentor of Legion of Doom/Hackers
hackfaq.txt 291327
The Hack FAQ By Simple Nomad (January 31, 1999)
hackfromlinux.txt 12024
Installing and Hacking from Linux
hackguid.txt 11536
The Little Hackers' Guide by SZPAQ (Version -1.00) (February 1996)
hacking_with_telnet.txt 17655
NETBIOS, by Unknown Author
hacking_with_windowsxp.txt 23207
Hacking with Windows XP (Guide to Mostly Harmless Hacking)
hackingkit20b.txt 549340
Hacking Kit Version 2.0.b by Invisible Evil (March, 1997)
hackmind.txt 5861
How to be a Hacker (The Mindset of the Hacker) by Avatar
hacknet-list.txt 3233
The HackNet Nodelist (January 1, 1996)
hacknet-policy.txt 8855
Policy Statement for HackNET (January, 1996)
hackpage.txt 10178
Hacking Webpages: The Ultimate Guide By Virtual Circuit and Psychotic
hackpw.txt 7776
How to Crack a UNIX Password File, by Lord Devious
hackwebp.txt 10507
Hacking Webpages: The Ultimate Guide, by Virtual Circuit and Psychotic
hackwww.txt 2839
How to Hack the WWWboard Message Board 2.0 by kM of the Hackers Club (May 12, 1997)
ham_radio.txt 4021
Ham Radio: An Intro, by A of 2600slc (May 3, 2002)
hax0r.txt 20033
Yet Another Guide to Hacking, by Disc0rd
hhfaq.txt 6577
HackerZ Hideout FAQ Version 1.0 by kM of the HackersClub (April 14, 1997)
holelist 22437
FAQ: The List of Foles and Bugs FAQ (March 3, 1994)
holelist.txt 16267
The Four Ways in Which Security Holes Manifest Themsleves 1179
APPLICATION: How to Join Hootie
hootie.nfo 6750
NFO: The Hootie Information File by Ultra (1995)
how_to_m.txt 12768
How to Make a Key Generator for Windows Programs (Cracking Tutorial)
how_to_u.txt 8155
How to Use a Nag Screen to Your Advantage (Cracking Tutorial) (August 24, 1997)
icrackdown.txt 15516
The Italian Crackdown, by Gomma and Decoder (July, 2005)
inetdea.txt 13273
Internet Daemons, by Voyager of TNO (June 15, 1996)
info.txt 4198
Lesson 1 About Cracker Jack for Newbies by kM of
infogathering.txt 27911
Information Gathering On Anyone, by Redbox ChiliPepper (February 12, 1995)
infschedvirii.txt 18109
Linux Improvised Userland Scheduler Virus, by Izik (December 29, 2005)
interjectsql.txt 3323
An SQL Interjection Attack, by Fiend (February 1, 2002)
intern_1.txt 1898
Why the Internet is Like a Penis
interunix.txt 23891
UNIX for Intermediate Users, by Anonymous
ip-spoof.txt 82158
A Short Overview of IP Spoofing Part I by Brecht Claerhout (1996)
ipaddres.txt 28023
Internet Holes: Eliminating IP Address Forgery
ipaddressforgery.txt 28023
Internet Holes: Eliminating IP Address Forgery, by Management Analytics (1996)
iphijack.txt 46396
Simple Active Attack Against TCP by Laurent Joncheray
ipng-ove.txt 58201
IP Next Generation Overview by Robert M. Hinden (May 14, 1995)
ipspoof.txt 24292
IP Spoofing Demystified, by daemon9/route/infinity (1996)
ipspoofing 12024
CERT Advisory CA-95:01: IP Spoofing Attacks and Hijacked Terminal Connections (January 23, 1995)
ipspoofing.txt 84148
A Short Overview of IP Spoofing by Brecht Claerhout (1996)
irc-warez.txt 9593
IRC Warez for Newbies, by The Bogey (April 7, 1999)
irctakeover.txt 6433
How to Get Ops and Take Over a Channel on IRC by St0rmer (August 6, 1998)
irctrade.txt 7809
FAQ for Trading For FileZ in IRC by LamahCop of #warez-waldo v1.0 (June 21, 1996)
iv.nfo 5731
NFO: IV Productions: Personal NetBus Patcher 1.1 (October 7, 1998)
javainse.txt 2607
Some Serioes Java Security Problems, by Drew Dean (February 1996)
key_study.txt 64508
The Risks of Key Recovery, Key Escrow, and Trusted Third-Party Encruption (May 27, 1997)
know.txt 6193
How I Knew I Was A Hacker, by Revelation of LOA and ASH (August 24, 1996)
krecovery.txt 64508
The Risks of Key Recovery, Key Escrow, and Trusted Third-Party Encryption (May 27, 1997)
l0phtadv.txt 5796
ADVISORY: Solaris libc getopt(3) by Mudge of the L0pht (January 27, 1997)
l0phtcrack15.txt 11384
DOCUMENTATION: L0phcrack 1.5 by Mudge and Weld Pond of the L0pht (July 12, 1997)
laces0dayAdv.txt 2235
Shoe 1.0 Remote Exploit, by freshman, wxs and txs of (December, 2004)
linux.txt 31945
The Beginner's Guide to Linux Verison 1.1 by Squiler (July, 2001)
linux_ipx-howto.txt 85486
The Linux IPX-HOWTO by Kevin Thorpe v2.3 (May 6, 1998)
linuxir.txt 89947
Linux IR HOWTO by Werner Heuser v2.4 (February 9, 1999)
linuxnet.txt 34653
A Linux Networking Tutorial by Ghost_Rider (July, 2001)
linuxrootraid.txt 87043
The Root RAID HOWTO Cookbook by Michael A. Robinton v1.07 (March 25, 1998)
linuxvpnhowto.txt 85828
The Linux VPN Masquerade HOWTO by John D. Hardin v2.2 (September 9, 1999)
logagent.txt 15227
Log Agent: A Log File Recollection Tool by Floydman (November 13th, 2000)
lou15.txt 2390
Frauding the U.S. Postal Service by 0ptik Lenz of the Legions of the Underground
lou16.txt 2071
Rage Against the World by 0ptik Lenz of the Legions of the Underground
lou17.txt 2120
Supermarket Shoplifting by 0ptik Lenz of the Legions of the Underground
lrk4readme.txt 9488
DOCUMENTATION: The Linux Rootkit IV (November 26, 1998)
lulzsec.txt 156467
macfaq.txt 11363
The Macintosh Hacking FAQ: Defeating Security
macpw.txt 25507
Documentation for MacCrack 0.1a, a Macintosh Password Cracker, by Ole Buzzard (January 29, 1996)
mag_card.txt 51023
A Day in the Life of a Flux Reversal by Count Zero of Restricted Data Transmissions (November 99, 1999)
mailbugs.txt 7419
The Many Security Bugs Resident in Many Versions of Sendmail, by Hacknet
manual.txt 48691
DOCUMENTATION: Blowfish Advanced Version 7.0 (1996)
members.9x 2010
NFO File: Current 9x Members As of January 20, 1999
mentor.txt 3127
Mentor's Last Words, by The Mentor
menu2eng.txt 17114
How to Stop a Menu and Kill the Limitations v2.3 by ET LoWNOISE (1999)
mhdr12.txt 597347
The Modern Hacker's Desk Reference by the Rhino9 Team Version 1.2
mincrack.txt 3512
SOFTDOCS: MinCrack: The U of MN Minuet Password Cracker by Ethan Galstad (1996)
modernhackers.txt 597347
The Modern Hackers' Desk Reference Version 1.2 by The Rhino9 Team
modhackd.txt 604625
The MH Desk Reference, by The Rhino9 Team Version 1.2
molds.txt 1517
Information on the Modem online Diagnostic System by Telstra Corporation
ms2-proxyserver.txt 29655
Understanding Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0, by NeonSurge of Rhino9 Publications
ms_dos_hacking.txt 22981
MS-DOS Hacking by KeyDet89
ms_smtp_dos.txt 8055
Microsofts SMTP Service is Broken and Stupid by Chris Adams (March 14, 1999)
ncsc-tg-011.txt 124397
Trusted Network Interpretation Environments Guideline
ncsc-tg-013.2.txt 127448
The Rating Maintenance Phase Program Document Version 2 from the National Computer Security Center (March 1, 1995)
ncsc-tg-029.txt 128039
Basic Procedures in Certification and Authorization, from the National Computer Security Center
neoguide.txt 173140
The Neophytes's Guide to Hacking (August 28, 1993)
netcat.blurb 2645
DOCUMENTATION: NetCat Information on Changes
newbie.txt 12310
Newbies Read This: Basic Hacking
news15.txt 9802
List of FTP Sites of Interest to Hackers
nfsmon.txt 35021
NFS Tracing by Passive Network Monitoring, by Matt Blaze of Princeton University
nsamonit.txt 14507
The NSA is Monitoring Key Internet Routers by the Puzzle Palace Author (1997)
nt_security.txt 3898
An Undocumented Feature: The NT Rollback.EXE File (September 26, 1996)
ntexploits.txt 36668
Windows NT Deconstruction Tactics: Step by Step Exploitation Techniques by Vacuum of Rhino9 and Technotronic (October 1, 1998)
nthack.faq 13472
NT Hack FAQ '97, by Chameleon and Vacuum of Rino9
nw41hack.txt 9721
Hacking Novell Netware 4.1 Version 1.2 by Ilchenko Eugene and Gusev Igor (1996)
obpasswd.txt 25663
DOCUMENTATION: MACCRAC Version .01a by Ole Buzzard (January 29, 1996)
osxintro.txt 4810
MAC OSX: An Introduction, by ProtomanX (December 7, 2001)
overflow.txt 13374
An Introduction to Executing Arbitrary Code via Stack Overflows
packetfi.txt 3401
Packet Filtering for Firewall Systems (February 1995)
packetsniff.txt 6297
Intro to Packet Sniffers: What They Are and Why to Use Them, by Grifter of 2600slc (May 4, 2001)
passivep.txt 7912
Stealth Scanning - Bypassing Firewalls and SATAN Detectors
pc_hack.faq 28397
The PC Hacking FAQ Version 1.5.3 by Deep Thought (March 17, 1996)
pchack.txt 32777
FAQ: The PC Hacking FAQ Version 2.0 by Deep Thought (July 10, 1996)
phonphun.txt 3234
Phone Phun by PlahZma of Legions of the Underground
pinball_backdoor.txt 14447
Analysis of the PINBALL!bdoor_Controller Function from MS Windows Pinball, by Mr. Speaker (January, 2006)
pirate_radio.txt 3652
Pirate Radio, by Manic Velocity of 2600slc (May 3, 2002)
pivot1.1.0SoundwaveAdv.txt 2175
Pivot 1.10 Soundwave - Remote Code Execution by loofus of (December, 2004)
poormantripwire.txt 51429
A Poor-Man's Tripwire Like System on Windows 9x/NT by Floydman (August 2nd, 2000)
portscan.txt 6436
Remote Host Discovery with PortScanning, by Adept of 2600slc (April 6, 2001)
prick-application.txt 948
prick-hack.txt 7496
PRICK: Free Access To Those Outside Hackers Who Wish to Get Internet AC-X Free of Charge Forever! by Chucky
protocolhb.txt 18901
The Protocol Handbook, by Rift (October 14, 1998)
psychotics-unix-bible.txt 81304
Psychotic's Unix Bible Writen by Virtual Circuit
psychounix.txt 85494
The Psychotic's UNIX Bible, by Virtual Circuit
public_proxies.txt 2858
Tiny List of 37 Public Proxies (June 3, 1999)
pwdump.txt 7274
DOCUMENTATION: Windows NT Password Dump Utility
radar.txt 1504
Radar Detector Circuit by SnIpEr (March, 1995)
raising-hell-with-unix.txt 13215
Raising Hell with Unix Kryptic Night by SMC
raw_sockets.txt 4427
Raw Socket Access in Windows XP, by Tierra (January 4, 2002)
rconfaq.txt 18506
Hacking the RCONSOLE Password from a Sniffer Trace
readme 2826
DOCUMENTATION: NMAPNT: A Win32 Port of NMAP by eEye Digital Security Team (December 7, 2000)
readme.txt 1888
Subseven 22 by Mobman
redbox.010.01 40067
Frequently Asked Questions About Red Boxing v.010 by Mr. Sandman (April 30, 1995)
redbox.010.02 28270
Frequently Asked Questions About Red Boxing v.010 by Mr. Sandman (April 30, 1995) (Part II)
revengwithld.txt 16274
Reverse Engineering with LD_PRELOAD, by Izik (July, 2005)
rfpgoodbye.txt 6114
An Evolution: Rain Forest Puppy (rfp) says Goodbye (May 20, 2003)
rusnewbies.txt 51440
Basic Local/Remote Unix Security for Unix Newbies Version 1.0 by RavenN of Black Sun Research Facility (November 21, 1999)
sam_files.txt 7784
SAM Files and NT Password Hashes, by Grifter (March 1, 2002)
sca-aaa.txt 9957
AAA: Access All Areas: Computer Securiy and Hacking Conferences (July 2nd, 1995) a Review by Scavenger
script_kiddies.txt 6536
Script Kiddies and Scenewhores: How Not to Be One, and Why to Hate Them, by Grifter of 2600slc (April 6, 2001)
security.txt 3408
ADVISORY: A Simple TCP Spoofing Attack, by Secure Networks, Inc. (February 10, 1997)
sendmail.txt 18801
The Sendmail Bug Exploits List by Per1com and Xer0
sendmailbsrf.txt 86879
The Sendmail Tutorial by RaveN Version 2.5 (October 6, 2000)
sendmailtut24.txt 82149
The Sendmail Tutorial by RaveN Version 2.4 (October 6, 2000)
seqattack.txt 22931
Sequence Number Attacks, by Rik Farrow
setup.txt 15887
DOCUMENTATION: The Pretty Good Privacy Version 2.6.2 Installation Guide by Perry Metzger, Colin Plumb, Derek Atkins, Jeffrey I. Schiller
shareware.txt 14163
Share-Aware: A New Shareware Model Proposal, by Floydman (August 15th, 2000)
shell-progamming.txt 80123
Shell Programming Introduction by Da Chronic
shell.txt 15278
Shell Accounts for Newbies by Ghost_Rider (July, 2001)
shimomur.txt 18420
How Mitnick hacked Tsutomu Shimomura with an IP sequence attack from Tsutomu Shimomura (January 25, 1995)
simple_t.txt 44287
A Simple Active Attack Against TCP, by Laurent Joncheray
sircamworm.txt 4521
An Introduction to the Sircam Worm, by Manic Velocity of 2600slc (October 5, 2001)
siteb.txt 60528
Welcome to Site B (An Introduction to RSnakes Hacking Corner) (August 30, 1997)
sm864.txt 7335
ADVISORY: Sendmail 8.6.4: Program and script to obtain a root shell by James Abendchan
smackthestack.txt 29182
Smack the Stack (Advanced Buffer Overflow Methods) by Izik (2006)
sni-3f.txt 4068
PRICK: Sniper's 3 F's Guide, or Fast Food Frequencies by SnIpEr
sniffer.faq 20520
FAQ: Sniffer Securit FAQ Version 1.7
sniffer.txt 19746
FAQ: The Sniffer FAQ by Internet Security Systems Version 1.7
sniffing_admin.txt 8472
Symantec Firewall/VPN Appliance Internal LAN Sniffing Issue (October 2, 2002)
snooping.txt 108192
Computer Snooping Using InstallRite by Floydman (September 19th, 2000)
soceng.txt 16688
The Complete Social Engineering FAQ (1996)
spoofing.txt 21612
Web Spoofing: An Internet Con Game by Edward W. Felten, Dirk Balfanz, Drew Dean, and Dan S. Wallach
starthak.txt 61512
The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Hacking and Phreaking by Revelation LOA--ASH (August 4, 1996)
tap-int_2_2.txt 23896
Tap Interviews II, by The Infiltrater
tap-int_3.txt 45076
The Tap Interviews Part III
tcp-ip.txt 34769
FAQ: The TCP/IP FAQ by George V. Neville-Neil (April 1, 1996)
tcpactiveat.txt 44106
A Simple Active Attack Against TCP
tcpip__1.txt 64551
Security Problems in the TCP/IP Protocol Suite by S.M. Bellovin
tcpip_faq.txt 245549
FAQ: TCP/IP Protocol Frequently Asked Questions
tcpspoof.txt 15877
ADVISORY: A Simple TCP Spoofing Attack (February 10, 1997)
tcpwrap.txt 16326
TCP Wrappers Disclosed by Mikkkeee (July, 2001)
telenet.txt 10144
Telenet: The Secret Exposed
telnet_basics.txt 12582
The Basics of Telner by Abhisek Datta
thc.nfo 13875
The Hacker's Choice NFO: RA-BBS Hack Tools Hardware Support (May 18, 1996)
thehaq.txt 109513
FAQ: The HAQ FAQ Verison 2.07 (June 11, 1994)
thehgod.faq 9695
The God of H: Hacking Dictionary (February 6, 1996)
them_and_us.txt 108513
Paul Taylor's Forthcoming "Hacker" Book
tmplefun.txt 3451
How to have Fun with Temple's Computers, by Splat (June 9, 1995)
traceroute.txt 6600
Traceroute, by Grifter (January 4, 2002)
tricks.txt 5410
SOme Tricks and Tips for Cracking for Newbies by JosephCo
truthmonger.txt 19306
Truthmonger's Rant on Dianne Feinstein and Bill Clinton (1998)
tymnet-hack.txt 6130
Hacking Tymnet by Silicon Rat
ulthack.txt 64909
Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Become a Hacker by IceKool (June 16, 1997)
ultrix.bugs 10255
A List of Bugs and Exploits for Ultrix v0.1
uncrackable.txt 36536
An Uncrackable E-Mail by Lee Adams (1998)
underground.txt 979993
Underground: Hacking, Madness, and Obsession on the Electronic Frontier, by Suelette Dreyfush and Julian Assange (2001 Electronic Edition)
unix.txt 13869
Some Hacking Techniques of UNIX
unixbible.txt 17972
Gibe's UNIX COMMAND Bible, edited by High Priest and Scribe, F. Gibe (1987)
unixcompsec11.txt 89252
The UNIX Computer Security Checklist Version 1.1 (December 19, 1995)
unixhack.txt 7806
How to Become a UNIX Hacker by van Hauser of THC
unixsec.txt 53300
Basic Local/Remote UNIX Security for UNIX Newbies by Raven Verison 1.2 (May 3, 2000)
unixtips.txt 23534
A List of Some of the Most Useful UNIX Hacking Commands and Some Hints on their Usage
unixtools.txt 40554
Unix Hacking Tools of the Trade, by The Shining of UPi
unsecure.txt 4354
DOCUMENTAITON: UnSecure Version 1.0 by SniperX (1998)
vbtutori.txt 22696
Razzia's Tutorial for VB Cracking
virpgm01.txt 12566
Virus Programming Techniques #1
virpgm02.txt 23241
Virus Programming Techniques #2
virusprevention.txt 83406
Virus Protection in a Microsoft Windows Netowkr, or How to Stand a Chance by Floydman (May 30th, 2000)
vixie96.txt 2465
ADVISORY: Vulnerability in Vixie Cron (December 16, 1996)
vms.txt 77790
The VMS HACK FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) 0.02 by The Beaver and Tsywt (August 18, 1995)
vncintro.txt 5822
VNC: The Art of Laziness, by Grifter (December 7, 2001)
vranesevich.txt 44690
BBC Panorama: Interview with John Vranesevich, Hacker Investigator (2003)
wardoc.txt 85448
The Windows NT Wardoc: A Study in Remote NT Penetration by Neonsurge and the Rhino9 Team
warez101.txt 23147
ZeroDaHero's Overview of Usenet and the Warez Groups
webpage_hacking.txt 4316
Web Site Hacking by Lord Rebel
win95pw.txt 3496
Cracking the Windows 95 Screen Saver Password by Rdpzza
windows_tricks.txt 35703
Hacking around in the Windows Key Registry, by Ankit Fadia
wombat.txt 229174
A Massive Flamewar Over North Carolina State University Administrative Behaviour (March 2, 1996)
wsec00.txt 5239
The Unofficial WWW Hack FAQ Beta Version3 by Simple Nomad (November 1997) (General Info)
wsec00intro.txt 4826
The Unofficial WWW Hack FAQ Beta Version3 by Simple Nomad (November 1997) (Introduction)
wsec01.txt 17298
The Unofficial WWW Hack FAQ Beta Version3 by Simple Nomad (November 1997) (The Browser)
wsec02.txt 16983
The Unofficial WWW Hack FAQ Beta Version3 by Simple Nomad (November 1997) (URL Attack Time)
wsec03.txt 13187
The Unofficial WWW Hack FAQ Beta Version3 by Simple Nomad (November 1997) (The Basic Web Server)
wsec04.txt 8414
The Unofficial WWW Hack FAQ Beta Version3 by Simple Nomad (November 1997) (Fun With Other Web Services)
wsec05.txt 9620
The Unofficial WWW Hack FAQ Beta Version3 by Simple Nomad (November 1997) (ActiveX/Java/JavaScript)
wsec06.txt 7526
The Unofficial WWW Hack FAQ Beta Version3 by Simple Nomad (November 1997) (WWW as an Infowar Tool)
wsec07.txt 5893
The Unofficial WWW Hack FAQ Beta Version3 by Simple Nomad (November 1997) (CGI, Perl, Scripts, etc.)
wsec08.txt 5005
The Unofficial WWW Hack FAQ Beta Version3 by Simple Nomad (November 1997) (For the Lamer)
wsec09.txt 7804
The Unofficial WWW Hack FAQ Beta Version3 by Simple Nomad (November 1997) (For the Stupid)
x-force.nfo 8709
NFO: HEdit 32 for Windows NT Keymaker by ED!SON of X-Force (February, 1996) 12749
A Crash Course in X Windows Security
xs4all 10893
An interview with Felipe Rodriquez and Rob Gonggrijp By Shuchen Tan (February 4, 1995)
xsecurity.txt 13094
A Crash Course in X Windows Security
zeroknow.txt 21927
A Few Attacks On the Zero Knowledge State in Novell's Netware by Greg Miller (July 30, 1996)

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