The PISS Files (1997-1999)

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
piss0001.txt 4920
Killer Ping and WinNuke by Defenestrator
piss0002.txt 8907
Free Cable by Defenestrator
piss0003.txt 5867
Quick Mac Hacking by Defenestrator
piss0004.txt 9484
Easy Quick Virus Writing by Defenestrator
piss0005.txt 6865
And his last words were by Sameer Ketkar
piss0006.txt 5124
Hacking Things that piss me off by Defenestrator
piss0007.txt 8618
Introduction to Phreaking by Defenestrator
piss0008.txt 8005
An Internet Love Story by Sameer Ketkar
piss0009.txt 4833
Crap Scan by Defenestrator
piss0010.txt 6605
I spy you spy by Sameer Ketkar
piss0011.txt 5119
Maroon Boxing by Dial Tone
piss0012.txt 9638
Newbie Phreaking Guide Vol. 1 by Dial Tone
piss0013.txt 7180
Newbies Guide to Phreaking Vol. 2 by Dial Tone
piss0014.txt 5400
Scamming Free Disks by Defenestrator
piss0015.txt 5970
Back To School by Defenestrator
piss0016.txt 5494
Cheating at School by Defenestrator
piss0017.txt 5486
How to Hack those Comps at Sam's, WalMart, and the like by Defenestrator
piss0018.txt 2016
Ripping Off Change Machines By Grenchant X. Rother & Cherg Rother
piss0019.txt 2783
Djdude's Shit List by Djdude
piss0020.txt 5146
Fun with Operators by Defenestrator
piss0021.txt 3150
Dealing with MiBs (fedz) by Defenestrator
piss0022.txt 2454
Free Money by Defenestrator
piss0023.txt 1647
Easy Bomb by Grench
piss0024.txt 2250
Revenge by Grench
piss0025.txt 3218
Scamming MCI Prepaid Cards by Djdude
piss0026.txt 1669
Fertilzer Fun by Apocalypse
piss0027.txt 15901
The Hacking Life by AT2SCreech
piss0028.txt 2588
Another Hack Group by Wu Forever
piss0029.txt 3649
Coping With Mailbombing by Defenestrator
piss0030.txt 6716
Messing With Juno EMail by AT2Screech
piss0031.txt 14853
Jamming Police Radar by AT2Screech
piss0032.txt 5418
Writing Code Part 1 by PhrostByte
piss0033.txt 42597
IRC Phun and Harassment by Defenestrator
piss0034.txt 3138
Member Profile Defenestrator by Defenestrator
piss0035.txt 5250
The Net and the Media by Defenestrator
piss0036.txt 3214
Computers and Stupid People by Defenestrator
piss0037.txt 3579
HTCIA Security Con by Dial Tone
piss0038.txt 3193
Vending Machine Phun by Defenestrator
piss0039.txt 6873
IRC Warrioring on Dalnet by Defenstrator and Phantom Operator
piss0040.txt 7448
CRYPTOGRAPHY an intro by PhrostByte
piss0041.txt 2351
Busting LPage Guestbooks by Defenestrator
piss0042.txt 10787
The Waste of the Day by Sameer Ketkar
piss0043.txt 5965
The Day the Computers Died by Sameer Ketkar
piss0044.txt 27058
Cell/Cordless Frequencies The Axess Phreak
piss0045.txt 2649
Yet Another Dalnet Hole By Phantom Operator
piss0046.txt 8125
All The Calc Programming You'll Ever Need by Defenestrator
piss0047.txt 2405
New Red Box Crystal by Defenestrator
piss0048.txt 5271
Understanding Phones by Skrike
piss0049.txt 5107
The Train Box by Skrike
piss0050.txt 17144
IT'S 50 DAMMIT by Most of us
piss0051.txt 7844
Mindless Phone Tricks by Phantom Operator
piss0052.txt 5276
Denial Of Service by Devnull
piss0053.txt 2868
Guitar The Easy Way by Defenestrator
piss0054.txt 9605
Fun With Stores by Phantom Operator
piss0055.txt 4968
Messing with Wingates by Defenestrator
piss0056.txt 3804
Cash! by Kalony
piss0057.txt 8337
Speed Pass by At2Screech
piss0058.txt 14912
Molest The Christians! by FreeRadical
piss0059.txt 9256
Phreak Hotel Stuff by FreeRadical
piss0060.txt 5615
Underage Alcohol by Kalony
piss0061.txt 12322
Third Party Billing by Kalony
piss0062.txt 7166
International Calling by Kalony
piss0063.txt 6719
Basics of Switching by Kalony
piss0064.txt 2064
Member ProfilePsycho Phreak by Psycho Phreak
piss0065.txt 7051
Phone Books by Kalony
piss0066.txt 1950
How to Get Free Fone Calls by Comanche
piss0067.txt 17835
Canucks Can Bite My Ass by FreeRadical
piss0068.txt 3234
Defeating Popup Ads by Defenestrator
piss0069.txt 4912
School Computer Security by Defenestrator

There are 69 files for a total of 484,865 bytes.