GAMES How things changed from the 1980's to the present day! The computer, once barely able to summon the power and CPU cycles to run a word processor, can now multi-task, provide top-quality graphics and sound, and even emulate the old machines of previous decades! In a window! While doing other stuff! Amazing!

Below, the writers both describe how to beat the newest of games, but also go into fascinating technical details about how the game hardware itself functions. Great stuff.

Description of the Textfile
RSG-SMBThe RSG-SMB Project: Tabulature for Super Mario Brothers in ASCII Format (2004)
2600estr.txt 46161
The BTECH Collection of Atari 2600 Easter Eggs, Cheats, Bugs, Tricks and Whatnots (September 2, 1995)
6502jsm.txt 24439
The 6502 Instruction Summary, from RTK and CricketNE (March 1, 2000)
adventur.txt 78997
The Atari 2600 Cartridge "Adventure" Disassembled by Simon Cornwell (November 13, 1994)
aftershock.txt 2030
SOLUTION: After Shock
bastowmanor.sol 8099
The Secret of Bastow Manor Walkthrough, from Gameworx Software (1983)
belowroot.sol 21375
WALTHROUGH: Below the Root Version 1.0 Walthrough and Solution
beyond.sol 591
beyondfor.txt 5017
Solutions for Beyond the Forbidden Forest by Decimal Cat
bigsleaze.sol 4150
Solution to The Big Sleaze, typed by Vaxalon (1994)
blackknightadv.sol 4414
WALKTHROUGH: The Black Knight Adventure from Atlas, by Jacob Gunness (April 16, 1990)
boggit.sol 2516
WALKTHROUGHL The Boggit from Delta 4, by Jacob GUnness (January 27, 1991)
borderzone.txt 3988
WALKTHROUGH: Border Zone, by Infocom
boredoftherings.txt 1855
SOLUTION: Bored of the Rings, typed by Vaxalon (1994)
borrowedtime.sol 2907
SOLUTION: Borrowed Time, from Activision
buckaroo.sol 1322
WALKTHROUGH: Buckaroo Banzai
bugsy.sol 2453
WALKTHROUGH: Buggsy, from CRL, by Jacob Gunness (July 30, 1990)
castleofterror.sol 4205
WALKTHOUGH: Castle of Terror, from Melbourne House (Incomplete) (1999)
catacombs.sol 4730
WALKTHROUGH: Catacombs, from Anarog
cheatslist.txt 362562
Mac Game Cheats (December 30, 1997)
chips.txt 4953
A Number of Odd Atari 2600 Cartridge Pinouts, by Kevin Horton (1997)
ciaadventure.sol 960
WALKTHROUGH: C.I.A. Adventure, from the Public Domain
circus.sol 1288
WALKTHROUGH: Circus Mysterious Adventure 6
citadel.sol 668
WALKTHROUGH: Citadel Solve by MilosH (1998)
dmc.txt 10115
Delta Modulation Channel for the NES Tutorial 1.0 by brad Taylor (August 20th, 2000)
freeway.a65 36709
The Atari 2600 Cartridge "Freeway" Disassembled by Bill Heineman
gbbasic.txt 7041
DOCUMENTATION: GB (Game-Boy) Basic Version 1.08
gbdis.faq 3253
Game Boy Disassembler Frequently Asked Questions rev. II by RiP of the Masters of Magic
gbe.txt 5643
DOCUMENTATION: Gameboy Tile Editor v0.1 by Matt Currie (1996)
gbsim.txt 12010
gbspec.txt 37402
Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Gameboy by Pan of Antrox, Maray Fayzullin, Pascal Felber and Jeff Frohwein (December 31, 1996)
gbtool.txt 4874
DOCUMENTATION: Game Boy Tool 1.2 Documentation
gphl.txt 87609
Games Patch Hack List 3.4 by Geoffrey Peters, Anthony Chan and Holger Eiboeck (April 3, 1995)
mapguide.txt 13187
The Red Alert Internet Map Edit Guide Version 2.01 by Jaakko Nenonen (November 24, 1997)
mom-tl12.nfo 1927
NFO: Gameboy Tool Verison 1.2 (July 5, 1996)
nbcombat.asm 47097
The Atari 2600 Cartridge "Combat" Disassembled by Harry Dodgson and Nich Bensema (August 26, 1997)
nbdefend.asm 57005
The Atari 2600 Cartridge "Defender" Disassembled by Nick Bensema (February 24, 1997)
nc$-pric.e$! 9191
National Console Support Summer 1994 Product and Price List
nesaudioripping.txt 54401
The NES Music Ripping Guide Version 1.4 by Chris Covell (May 30th, 2000)
nescodes.txt 1303769
David Dayton's Nintendo Code Book Version 8.0 (Preface)
nescodesi.txt 41152
David Dayton's Nintendo Code Book Version 8.0 (Index)
nescodesr.txt 17231
David Dayton's Nintendo Code Book Version 8.0 (May 5th, 2002)
nesgfx.txt 4567
How NES Graphics Work (The Basics)
nespro.txt 16855
The NES Programming Guide Version 0.4
nessound.txt 24800
The NES Sound Channel Guide 1.8 by Brad Taylor (July 27th, 2000)
nestech.txt 67402
The Nintendo Entertainment System Documentation v2.0
os-diz11.nfo 4726
DOCUMENTATION: DiZ GameBoy Disassembler Version 1.1 by HeroZero/Oldshool (May 19, 1996)
ovrumb.txt 8031
DOCUMENTATION: OvrUMB 1.2 by Jean-Marc Lasgouttes
papermario.txt 115370
The Paper Mario Walkthrough for Nintendo 64 by Bet Cartledge (October 24, 2002)
ppu.txt 13327
The NTSC PPU Timing by Samus Aran (September 25th, 2000)
psx.txt 2362
An Example of the Playstation Disc Layout
psximgts.doc 3920
racg110.txt 228789
The Red Alert Single Player Mission Creation Guide Version 1.1 by Andrew Griffin and C.F. Harkins (May 28, 1997)
read_www.txt 289
NFO File: Damaged Cybernetics
sega1409.txt 73551
FAQ: Sega Programming FAQ Sixth Edition by Charles Doty (September 14, 1994)
shymersol.sol 2098
WALKTHROUGH: The Case of the Mixed-Up Shymer, from Jack Lockerby, by Jacob Gunness (July 21, 1993)
sizes.txt 94673
Cart Information: Information about Atari 2600 Cart Sizes and Bankswitching by Kevin Horton v6.0 (April 18, 1997)
sncd31.txt 1992
Game Gene Codes for SuperNES (Large List)
snescht.txt 220412
The SNES Cheats and Spoilers List by Tony Iaconetti (May 18, 1994)
swaptric.txt 10231
How to Play US/UK/JAPANESE Games on Any Other Country's Machine by Onn Lee
thrift50.txt 6860
Ben John's Incomplete Guide to Thrift Shops (For Videogame Buying) (1997)
trickster-letter.txt 7154
Letter from the Trickster
vgb-dos.txt 4458
DOCUMENTATION: Virtual Gameboy: The Portable Nintendo Gameboy Emulator Version 0.5 by Marat Fayzullin and Marcel De Kogel
vgb.txt 11547
DOCUMENTATION: Virtual Gameboy: The Portal Nintendo GameBoy Emulator version 0.3 by Marat Fayzullin
vgb_dos2.txt 1830
DOCUMENTATION: Virtual Gameboy Emulator version 0.3 (MS-DOS Version)
vsdoc.txt 8849
VS Unisystem information Version 1.0 by Fx3rnes (June 27th, 2000)

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