This collection of phreaking and hacking textfiles showed up in my mailbox in 2005. It dates from the late 1990s and early 2000s and came with the following message: "Whassap!! Rev0lt pwns yoo! A lot of these text files almost disappeared entirely, but ic0n happened to have the two issues of Rev0lt, and Havoc dug up the other files... now we present them to your packratness for archival. Rev0lt was a pretty big fuckin zine, averaging around 500 KB. There was one more issue which I am trying to locate. One of us from TIS probably has it on CD somewhere. Talk to you later."

Description of the Textfile
808time_warner.txt 5633
Time Warner Hawaii Broken Down, by Cuebiz of BSC
8772220xxx.txt 30883
SCAN: 877-222-00xx, by Ic0n
8882538xxx.txt 54662
WATS Scan of 1-888-253-8xxx by Cuebiz (BSC) And The 13370 Phr34k0 H34d ic0n
agenda-lecture1-5ess-ss7.txt 2562
Telco Inside Lecture #1 by Cuebiz (April 6, 2002)
belize-pstn.txt 6954
The Belize PSTN, by Phractal (June 30, 2002)
blotto_log-tis_lecture_1.txt 26529
Telco Inside Lecture #1 by Cuebiz (April 6, 2002)
chaos-writeup.txt 4435
An introduction to Chaos, by Jamie Faith (April 3, 2001)
daywithalineman.txt 12897
My Day with a BellSouth Lineman, by HoppingGoblin
gein.txt 7837
Americans I Most Admire: Edward Theodore Gein 1906-1984
gg-allen-writeup.txt 5690
GG Alin, by CatFish of AWR
guatemala-pstn.txt 3583
Quackity Quack Quack: Guatemala's Phone System, a Sort of In-Depth Look at It by Urza
henryleelucas.txt 6752
Americans I Most Admire: Henry Lee Lucas
how-to-be-a-jackass.txt 6883
How to Be a Jackass on Teleconferences, by Urza
iofh-trilogy.txt 16840
The Imitation Operator from Hell by Cuebiz
irc_adventures.txt 73700
Brown Fuzzy Gerbils Prsents: Kandy Acid's IRC Adventures Issue #1
irc_adventures2.txt 35425
Brown Fuzzy Gerbils Prsents: Kandy Acid's IRC Adventures Issue #2
john-wayne-gacy.txt 5977
John Wayne Gacy: The Original Killer Clown, by Cuebiz of Rev0lt E-zine
jokiemon.txt 2653
JokieMon: The Homo Journeys
keypulse63.txt 10035
Key Pulse Issue #63: Orange Boxing - The half-assed guide, by Cuebiz of Team Black Sheep
keypulse64.txt 13550
Key Pulse Issue #64: My FBI Experience, by Cuebiz of BSC
keypulse_17.txt 2785
A Poem about Beige Boxing, by Cuebiz
keypulse_52.txt 6333
Keypulse #52, by Cuebiz
marital_matters.txt 48441
Snickers Bars: The Marital Matters LP, by Cuebiz (2002)
motorola_dpc550.txt 67271
The Capabilities of a Motorola DPC-550 by Hairetsu (August 6, 2002)
newphones.txt 4629
Your Coins Won't Fit in Payphones Soon Anymore, by F0ney
oh_datu.txt 11928
Oh DATU, by DATU, by Cuebiz of Team Blacksheep
payphone_adventures.txt 20969
The Secluded Pay Phone Adventures by Subex
phone_book.txt 42934
The TIS Phonebook First Edition Version 2.5 (2002)
phreak-adventures.txt 3533
Phreaking Adventures! by ic0n
rev0lt_1.txt 518941
Revolt Electronic Zine Issue #1 (January 1, 2001)
rev0lt_2.txt 489251
Revolt Electronic Zine Issue #2 (May 25th, 2001)
revolt1_dostrick.txt 6540
Stupid MS-DOS Trick #931
scary-police-story.txt 2390
My Scary Police Adventure, by Altorin
sprint_relay_op.txt 14206
Calls done by: Cuebiz (BSC) @ 2:30pm
tamagochi.txt 15004
Nerds, Javascript, and Online Parenting, by Cuebiz (1999)
the-day-i-scared.txt 14044
The Day I Scared Someone, by Janie
timmy.txt 6415
The Imphamous Timmy File, by Altorin
tis-newsletter1.txt 27598
The Telco Inside Newsletter (January 4, 2002)
tis_saint.txt 23011
How to Hit a Payphone for All Its Worth, by Saint Boyce (September 24, 2001)

There are 39 files for a total of 1,659,703 bytes.