Y0LK Zine (1995-1999)

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
erebus!.ans 1262
AD for Erebus BBS
index.txt 12637
Index and Information on Y0LK Zine Up to Issue #102
phantasy.ans 4145
ANSI BBS: Phantasy BBS
y0lk-001.txt 5082
Welcome to Y0LK
y0lk-002.txt 7384
several k-rad elite haxors sitting around a campfire and grooving
y0lk-003.txt 6177
nuclear weapons, interplanetary conflict, op wars
y0lk-004.txt 5291
a young man, an infant , a yak... all living in sin
y0lk-005.txt 4310
household uses for afghanistanian food
y0lk-006.txt 10158
y0lk issue numbuhu six by h00ch!!@#
y0lk-007.txt 7766
Hail Santa!
y0lk-008.txt 5225
so you say you like hasidism
y0lk-009.txt 7537
lunchables rock.
y0lk-010.txt 10173
t-shirts and toe jam by bEdlAM
y0lk-011.txt 5148
nap-time and the dog prank
y0lk-012.txt 4881
why showgirls was a great movie
y0lk-013.txt 5438
coming straight outta' compton
y0lk-014.txt 9224
da mad ravings of a bitter KiMP wanna-be
y0lk-015.txt 5081
bedazzled by the eliteness.
y0lk-016.txt 6866
how to blow your nuts out with cornstarch and orangina
y0lk-017.txt 11302
i am a warez pup - who are you?
y0lk-018.txt 9094
let's get right on down to it.
y0lk-019.txt 8262
does that look center?
y0lk-020.txt 14495
the notorious anticlimactic bastards of the zine scene
y0lk-021.txt 11239
Duck Sauce?
y0lk-022.txt 12529
top 5000 reasons why i should kill myself
y0lk-023.txt 13067
citrus fruits for sale
y0lk-024.txt 10251
group masturbation
y0lk-025.txt 7007
ethereal experiences for perverted pyromaniacs
y0lk-026.txt 12438
catering to the warez eleet
y0lk-027.txt 11558
pretty lame header by, belial
y0lk-028.txt 11109
the army and the recruiting.
y0lk-029.txt 9977
the geek theory, hickies, and another long day.
y0lk-030.txt 7874
y0lk-031.txt 7594
mentos! the freedom giver!
y0lk-032.txt 10233
h3aderz r0ol!
y0lk-033.txt 9587
sitcoms, stereotypes, and satan.
y0lk-034.txt 6170
fuck you (y0lk #34)
y0lk-035.txt 10109
apples, oranges, and pears.
y0lk-036.txt 9448
the little cultist that couldn't
y0lk-037.txt 7811
careening through cyberspace at a slug-like rate
y0lk-038.txt 12951
8088 section
y0lk-039.txt 7101
creed is g0d, part one
y0lk-040.txt 10903
big hurt is ruler of the earth!
y0lk-041.txt 11320
dead people, nasty thoughts, and colored glue
y0lk-042.txt 7648
y0lk does suck.
y0lk-043.txt 8511
abandon thy gods! from yonder cometh y0lk!
y0lk-044.txt 7012
y0lk!@# for m0gel!@~@
y0lk-045.txt 2806
your burro is no jackass!
y0lk-046.txt 2892
rollerskates, indians, eagles and cougars
y0lk-047.txt 2653
outer space, ice cream, streetcars and gophers
y0lk-048.txt 9257
Evan the genius becomes enlightened and melts his face off
y0lk-049.txt 16406
6 insignificant ziners in a bowling microcosm of life
y0lk-050.txt 45402
the best of the worst
y0lk-051.txt 8216
Y0LK #51: The Prince of Darkness Versus Some Guy Named Dave
y0lk-051r.txt 8248
Y0LK #51: The Prince of Darkness Versus Some Guy Named Dave (Revised)
y0lk-052.txt 10214
ode to my feet
y0lk-053.txt 8467
hopelessly lost
y0lk-054.txt 13245
the "fab" intro
y0lk-055.txt 10001
campbell's chicken-noodle soup omen of death
y0lk-056.txt 10304
y0lk-057.txt 8389
something that is totally not in the style
y0lk-058.txt 8574
my place, or yours?
y0lk-059.txt 8032
How to Really Use That Spify Monopoly Money
y0lk-060.txt 8425
struggle wif the giant pink elephant.
y0lk-061.txt 9293
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
y0lk-062.txt 11915
y0lk test pattern
y0lk-063.txt 9334
ELiTE LiT from the master himself
y0lk-064.txt 8796
creed's k-rad lit archives, volume two
y0lk-065.txt 9853
y0lk-066.txt 11938
how y0lk saved my life (sorta)
y0lk-067.txt 12351
shiny nickles, no more TP, and shitty knuckles
y0lk-068.txt 12161
some puppet plays
y0lk-069.txt 14884
you disconnect me I'llHello operator, gimme numba 9, and if you disconnect me I'll
y0lk-070.txt 12200
Taken from the journal of a friend
y0lk-071.txt 9870
Battle of the ants
y0lk-072.txt 14203
fun on the phone (no h/p content though!)
y0lk-073.txt 22790
yabba-dabba do, scooby-dooby do, and many other mysteries of life
y0lk-074.txt 14823
did I mention I love you as I love my own mother?
y0lk-075.txt 14739
jamesy and the giant slinky
y0lk-076.txt 12599
do not fuck with the big and hairy bears
y0lk-077.txt 13989
horror story
y0lk-078.txt 12727
dat wh0re, by - sinister sheep
y0lk-079.txt 12545
the ewok rant
y0lk-080.txt 13188
the arcade avenger
y0lk-081.txt 11562
the night before 2600
y0lk-082.txt 12600
journey into the mind of a no-brained counterculturist
y0lk-083.txt 13492
a generic y0lk file
y0lk-084.txt 11986
cultural inclination?
y0lk-085.txt 17018
Australia Through The Eyes Of A Spoon!
y0lk-086.txt 13005
The Life Of A Demented Sysop
y0lk-087.txt 12008
little johnny carptenter
y0lk-088.txt 16843
"y0lk!" said the norwiegen with no life
y0lk-089.txt 16186
look who is back?
y0lk-090.txt 19525
the discovery channel
y0lk-091.txt 13603
fruitopia caps!@#$
y0lk-092.txt 11051
the story of carla (mogel)
y0lk-093.txt 12811
what an uninteresting ascii
y0lk-094.txt 14776
spinsane's story
y0lk-095.txt 15508
fish pillows, mothers, and limericks
y0lk-096.txt 16051
cOsmic revelations, fever induced flashbacks, and pedOphilia
y0lk-097.txt 12943
stinky cheese and the seven messy petes
y0lk-098.txt 14563
what i've seen of y0lk really sucks (kojak)
y0lk-099.txt 74040
the badness steps out and takes a solo
y0lk-100.txt 66557
the beginning of the end
y0lk-101.txt 4095
global thermonuclear love
y0lk-102.txt 4177
the plural of bonus is bonii.
y0lk-103.txt 14573
it's on the table, so eat or die
y0lk-104.txt 4623
Y0LK #104: One Weird Apartment
y0lk-104r.txt 4371
Y0LK #104: One Weird Apartment (Revised)
y0lk-105.txt 4595
the plight of the lonely and ignored, and their interactions with people who are PERFECTLY FINE, thank you
y0lk-106.txt 9991
marvin's adventures in levitation
y0lk-107.txt 5867
glorp's fatal error
y0lk-108.txt 8152
gunny's fruit stand
y0lk-109.txt 8838
Everything you ever wanted to know about tripe, but then decided you'd rather not know.
y0lk-110.txt 3863
a message from god
y0lk-111.txt 6387
Cocaine solves all your problems: A Stimulating, Real-Life Documentary.
y0lk-112.txt 8165
which way?
y0lk-113.txt 9399
i'm a tough guy with a hard lust for nintendo
y0lk-114.txt 8562
true love #1
y0lk-115.txt 7654
y0lk-116.txt 27794
true love #2
y0lk-117.txt 8472
The Aftershock of Tragedy
y0lk-118.txt 31887
"a tribute to file_id.diz
y0lk-119.txt 3309
Toni Morrison and the Tides of our Cosmos
y0lk-120.txt 27715
i hide with eternal blackness the unseen eyes of my soul
y0lk-121.txt 287
toilet zen
y0lk-122.txt 787
you wanna suck on my gat?
y0lk-123.txt 1206
sweet-smelling leaves of potpourri up your fucking asshole
y0lk-124.txt 4336
I help j00?Can I help j00?
y0lk-125.txt 2940
cool nickdamn cool nick
y0lk-126.txt 5142
Fucking ChristmasMerry Fucking Christmas
y0lk-128.txt 1743
When I started to love you
y0lk-129.txt 5366
white lines of love120 white lines of love
y0lk-interview.txt 2987
The Y0LK Writer's Interview Form
y0lk.net 1471
Information on Y0LKNET bu Creed and Mindcrime
y0lk.nfo 11655
Information on Y0LK by Creed
y0lk.nfo2 1014
Information on Y0LK by Creed
y0lknet.app 1736
Application to Join Y0LKNET
y0lknet.asc 1148
y0lknet.nfo 1742
Information Y0LKNET (October, 1995)
y0lknode.002 1336
The Y0LKNET Nodelist
y0lknode.005 1817
Y0LKNET Nodelist #5
y0lknode.011 1697
YOLKNET Nodelist #11

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